'In Plain Sight' Exclusive Video: Babies, Dating and Dancing in 'Four Marshals and a Baby'
'In Plain Sight' Exclusive Video: Babies, Dating and Dancing in 'Four Marshals and a Baby'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It's tough being a new mother. It's even tougher when you have to balance maternal duties with a responsibility to keep witnesses alive.

That's the dilemma faced by Mary Shannon throughout In Plain Sight season 5, and, in this week's episode, "Four Marshals and a Baby," the problems just keep on coming. Continue reading to check out an exclusive In Plain Sight video from the upcoming episode.

WARNING: While this video contains only a short scene, there's a chance that you may face some In Plain Sight spoilers by watching. For that reason, we advise you to a) proceed with caution, and b) avoid blaming us for any spoilers you might encounter.

In "Four Marshals and a Baby," Mary Shannon (Mary McCormack) has to protect a chronic hoarder who somehow witnessed a murder. But that's hardly her biggest worry in the episode. Personal and childcare issues are very much at the forefront in the dramatic tension of the week.

In Plain Sight welcomes two guest stars in this episode: Madchen Amick will appear as Lisa Ruffino, the second-in-command of WITSEC, while Tia Carrere will use her Dancing with the Stars history to play Lia Hernandez, Stan's old dancing instructor.

The scene shown in this video suggest how very present Mary's new baby is in her life. We also get to see a little bit of a personal life from Stan McQueen (Paul Ben-Victor). Check it out below:

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Are we seeing some sort of blind-dating scenario for Stan in this video? There's definitely dating of some sort going on. This dating situation may explain why Stan needs to reconnect with his old dance teacher. The results are sure to be interesting.

Also, it cannot possibly be a good thing to accidentally say "Suck my finger, baby" while on a business call.

"Four Marshals and a Baby" airs on Friday, March 23rd at 10pm on USA.

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