'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Post-Double Eviction Live Blog
'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Post-Double Eviction Live Blog
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The Big Brother 14 house was on fire Thursday as a live double eviction exposed alliances, decimated one player's allies and sent one HG to the jury house. And the real drama doesn't begin until after the show ended.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

During the live show, Boogie was evicted and Ian basically outed himself as the one who betrayed him, leading Boogie to tell Frank not to trust him.

Then Ian won HoH and nominated Frank and Ashley. Frank won the Power of Veto, saved himself, Joe was put up as a pawn and Ashley was evicted, becoming the first member of the jury.

Thursday night will see the HGs competing in the next HoH competition, but before that, here's a live blog of the drama between the show ending and the next competition beginning.

Note: All times are PT, which is local time in the Big Brother 14 house.

7:32pm: The feeds are back and Danielle is doing what Danielle does best: crying. Dan is trying to console her.

7:32pm: Ian is beating himself up, saying that Boogie hates him. Britney and Jenn, however, try to explain that Boogie probably respects his game move (which he does).

7:36pm: Frank is talking to Ian and saying that it's OK because he thinks Dan talked him iuno betraying him. I can't tell if Frank is genuinely that naive or if he's trying to give Ian an out so Frank can have someone to work with.

7:37pm: There's some hardcore self-delusion going on. Ian is claiming that he was possessed and doesn't really know why he jut did what he did (nominating Frank and Ashley) and he says that he's still willing to work with Frank moving forward to get rid of Dan.

7:39pm: Frank is doing the exact same thing he just did with Shane last week, claiming that he can move past this betrayal and they can fix it and move forward working together. How many times does that have to fail before you give up on that strategy? Luckily for Ian, he just pulled off a huge move, betrayed the people who trusted him and he's still getting away free because Frank is still after Dan. Did Frank miss the part where Ian is the one who betrayed him and is the reason for Boogie going? I think Frank and Boogie repeated that Dan is a scumbag so many times last week that it's impossible for him to believe anything else.

7:43pm: It seems Danielle is crying because, as Boogie said he would, Frank confronted her right before the live show to say they know she's really a nurse and that he got a special power from the Mystery Box, so she should just vote to keep Boogie. Also as Boogie predicted, Danielle is so fragile that this kind of thing would destroy her, which it clearly has.

7:44pm: Britney and Shane praise Ian for what he just did, and Ian tells them that Frank still wants to work with him.

7:44pm: Britney really wants to win the HoH and asks Shane to throw it to her if he can. Her plan is to nominate Joe and a pawn (probably Jenn) and, if they get the chance, she'll backdoor Frank, but if not, Joe will go.

7:47pm: Because there are NO SECRETS in this house, Danielle is now telling Jenn all about Frank confronting her about the special power from the Mystery Cube right before the show.

7:53pm: Britney is asking Danielle to throw the next HoH to her if she can. Britney also says that once it was down to her, Danielle and Ian, she lost the Before or After HoH on purpose to play in the next one.

7:57pm: Britney is telling Danielle her plan to nominate Joe and Ian, then hopefully backdooring Frank.

8:07pm: Apparently Britney and Shane are trying to play Frank by agreeing to a pseudo-alliance with him in case he wins the next HoH, but their plan is to convince Frank to nominate Dan and Joe. Then, since there will only be five votes, Danielle, Shane and Britney could all vote out Joe instead. This was started when Shane and Dan had a fight, which was most likely staged for Frank's benefit.

8:11pm: There's plenty of general Quack Pack scheming going on, trying to think about all the potential scenarios for who to nominate, where the votes would be, etc. They're also starting to think about what happens if one of them gets nominated and how to secure the votes to keep that person. It's a whole lot f navel gazing, because none of it means anything until the HoH competition.

8:20pm: Shane and Danielle have reconfirmed their Final 2 deal, which is still on.

8:26pm: The HGs are going to get a cake mix tonight because today is Britney's birthday.

8:30pm: Frank came out of the diary room and said he might have a special power. Obviously it's a joke, but part of me thinks he (or whoever wins the next HoH) will get one.,

8:33pm: Britney and Frank are working together to pack up Ashley's things.

8:34pm: Britney and Frank are scheming and he's asking if she'll go along with their alliance and nominate Dan if she wins HoH. As previously mentioned, this is part of her plan to hopefully let Frank relax this week, nominate Dan and Joe, then hopefully backdoor Frank anyway.

8:39pm: Shane tells Frank he's 100 percent down with the Shane/Britney/Frank alliance. Frank douches it up by saying "Down like Charlie Brown!"

8:44pm: Frank told everyone the diary room said the HoH competition will happen sooner rather than later. Since they turn the feeds off for it, and since Big Brother After Dark starts in an hour and 15 minutes, that means it'll probably be a quick one.

8:49pm: Ian and Frank are talking again, and Ian is saying he didn't vote for Boogie because Boogie didn't practice on the skill game they were given last night (which is going to be the upcoming HoH).

9pm: The HoH competition is starting. Since Big Brother: After Dark begins in an hour, it should be a fast one.

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