'The Vampire Diaries' in 'Entertainment Weekly': Sexy, Yet Familiar
'The Vampire Diaries' in 'Entertainment Weekly': Sexy, Yet Familiar
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Everyone knows that just about everything in the current crop of vampire-related entertainment is related to sex. From Twilight to True Blood to The Vampire Diaries, the serious sex-appeal of bloodsuckers cannot be denied. And judging from the cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly, no one is trying to deny the sexiness of The Vampire Diaries.

But still, there is something very familiar in the covers of the current magazine. We may have seen something similar -- and vampire-related -- before.

The February 10, 2012 issue of Entertainment Weekly features The Vampire Diaries as its cover story. Not surprisingly, the cover photos -- there are three of them -- highlight the attractiveness and attraction of the show's three stars. Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley appear in multiple, beautiful poses that remind us of how ridiculously good-looking things are at The Vampire Diaries.

But that's not all the photos remind us of.

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A quick glance at the Vampire Diaries cover photos immediately made us at BuddyTV think of an earlier, super-sexy Entertainment Weekly cover. On June 18, 2010, the stars of HBO's True Blood were the focus of the magazine's cover. Check that one out below:

Look familiar?

True Blood wasn't the first time that a similar :sexy vampire" theme graced the front of Entertainment Weekly either. All the way back in 2008 (July 11, 2008, to be precise), a little movie by the name of Twilight scored the cover photo. What image did we get from that vampire saga?

There seems to be a theme here.

Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with providing this level of vampire eye-candy to the entertainment-loving populace. On the contrary, we would be happy to see more of it.

It's just sort of amusing how there seems to be a limited number of agreed-upon "sexy vampire" poses.

How do you feel about the vampire covers of Entertainment Weekly? Is this a pose/theme that you'd like to see repeated even more often? Does it work for The Vampire Diaries? Which "sexy-vampire" cover is your favorite? Leave your comments below!

(Images courtesy of Entertainment Weekly and The CW)

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