Time's Up for 'A Japanese Game Show'
Time's Up for 'A Japanese Game Show'
BuddyTV’s very own Gina Scarpa recently evaluated the poorly received I Survived a Japanese Game Show, which airs its season finale tonight at 9pm on ABC.  We already know that the show received poor ratings due to the lack of dynamism of the show and the contestants in it.  Nonetheless, some contestants seemed to have enjoyed the show.  Take for example Mary Greenawalt, the 23-year-old gym membership sales representative from North Carolina, who admits that she was a Japanese game show geek even before entering the competition.

"I actually had an advantage because I am a total You Tube fanatic and I had watched Japanese game shows via You Tube or even on 'Ellen'," Matthews confessed.  "So I already had an idea of the madness we were about to get into and the silliness, but you know, you can only imagine so much."

Moreover, Matthews says that she had the time of her life following her qualification as a contestant of the show.

"It was the best two weeks of my life," Greenawalt told WSOC TV Channel 9.  "I have been kind of fascinated and intrigued by the culture since I studied acting in college.  It was like all of my wildest fantasies coming true.  I never thought I would actually go [to Japan]."

Tonight, ABC will be airing the finale of this season’s Japanese Game Show, which will feature one of the four remaining contestants bringing home the cash prize.  One of three challenges will see them heading to the streets of Tokyo, where they are challenged to persuade strangers to draw mustaches on their faces.  Moreover, the final four need to jump into a water-filled giant bowl, dressed in sponge suits and retain as much waters as possible as they move on to an obstacle course.  The final challenge will be a combination of all the challenges featured on the show.

So who does Greenawalt think will win the competition?

"I want Belinda [Madison] from Charlotte, North Carolina to take home the cash.  I don't know if she does, but I've been praying that she does," Greenawalt admits.  "That girl is hysterical, she's genuine, she's just amazing.  She inspired me a lot.  We didn't get to have a lot of conversation, but the conversations we did have were just so real.  She is a fierce."

Tune in to ABC tonight at 9pm to see if Charlotte does end up taking home the prize on I Survived a Japanese Game Show.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: WSOCTV.com, TV Guide
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