I Love New York 2: Episode 9 "Meet the Parents" Recap
I Love New York 2: Episode 9 "Meet the Parents" Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Previously on I Love New York 2: The men (and New York) underwent a battery of psychological tests, and somehow she avoided institutionalization. She continued to be impressed by The Entertainer's freakiness, Punk's intelligence, Tailor Made's bankroll, Buddha's hotness, and Mr. Wise's…well, he brought nothing to the table and was eliminated. It was osome.

As this episode of I Love New York 2 begins, New York likes aspects of all four, and she wishes she could combine them, but "it's too late for that."  Wait, did New York used to live on the island of Dr. Moreau?  Or more likely, was she created there?

The men are asked to clean up the house and their rooms, because their parents are coming.  Tailor Made rolls up his sleeves and cleans, something he typically doesn't do, while The Entertainer is afraid his parents will ruin his chances.  The Entertainer's mother is adorable, wanting to see her future daughter-in-law.  Next is Tailor Made's dad, and we instantly know where Tailor Made's hairline is heading in the future.

Mama Entertainer loves her baby and won't hear anything otherwise.  Punk's mom and sister show up, and Mama Punk is none too pleased with being there.  Buddha's dad shows up, and New York is fond of his looks as well.  Daddy Buddha is complaining to New York about her smoking, so she vows to put him in a home.

Mama Punk isn't happy that her son is doing such a rash thing as this, and New York is very standoffish with her.  To Mama Punk's credit, her complaint isn't New York herself (which it should be), it's the whole concept of reality dating shows.  New York thinks it could be a problem if his mom doesn't approve of her.  But I guess if New York's mom, Sister Patterson, doesn't approve of her man, that doesn't matter at all.

Punk, The Entertainer and their families go to dinner with New York and Sister Patterson.  Mama Entertainer and Sister Patterson come to blows, because they both have strong feelings about each other's children, one positive, the other very negative.  New York explodes, cursing up a storm at Mama Entertainer, and Mama Punk is just disturbed by it all.  New York and her mom walk out, and Mama Entertainer calls them "low class trash" and she also calls Sister Patterson a transvestite.  HA!  She is one osome lady.

The Entertainer tries to mediate, but he winds up coming to the conclusion that New York is Sister Patterson's pet, doing whatever her mom tells her to do.  Back at the table, Sister Patterson starts flirting with Papa Entertainer.  This causes the devolution of the conversation again.  Basically, Sister Patterson is nuts, and The Entertainer's parents are hot heads.  That's a dangerous combination, and once they start talking about wigs and beaver hair-dos and jock straps, it's done.

The next morning, Mama Punk and Tailor Dad are talking about how crazy this house is.  It's worth noting they both look like average, WASPs.  Now it's time for Tailor Made, Buddha and their dads to chill with the girls at the pool.  They meet Sister Patterson, and Tailor Dad is in love.  Then Sister Patterson decides to get into the middle of it by telling the dads about Buddha and Tailor Made's altercation, lying that there was blood everywhere.  Daddy Buddha is very understanding, wanting to get all the facts before making a judgment.  Buddha overhears, and comes over to call her lies out.  New York takes her mother's side.

Buddha just wants New York to stand up to her mother when Sister Patterson is wrong, but she refuses.  New York claims, "She's always gonna be right, even when she's wrong."  Who the hell would want to be with a woman who stands by someone, even when they're wrong?  To make amends, New York vows to cook everyone dinner.  In the kitchen, New York drops a chicken wing on the floor, then picks it up and puts it back in the pot!  That really shouldn't shock me, given what I've seen.  The Entertainer comes in to help, and to get himself some lovin'.

Before dinner, The Entertainer begs his mom not to make a scene.  She promises to keep her mouth shut.  Mama Punk thinks New York is too wild and aggressive.  She's such a quiet and reserved person, so this is totally foreign to her.  Buddha and his dad commiserate about how messed up New York's relationship with her mother is.  He tries to explain this to New York again, but she gets offended again because she's an idiot who doesn't understand that he's being logical and reasonable.

Dinner that night is very awkward and silent.  Daddy Buddha doesn't like the food, and New York calls him and his son "arrogant a**holes."  I guess when you're as irrational and crazy as New York, someone who presents, clear, well-thought out arguments would seem arrogant.  New York loves what Tailor Dad says about his son, but isn't too hot on The Entertainer still living with his parents.

I Love New York 2 Elimination Time!  This time around, it seems more like whose parents screwed up the least.  Tailor Made gets the first chain, and equally as expected, Punk gets the second one.  Mama Punk looks on in quiet, reserved disgust.  New York isn't sure Buddha even likes her, but it would never work with her and The Entertainer because he's still stuck in his parents' basement.  She adds "With all due respect to you and your parents, you're a loser."  Then she also says that her therapist says you can't tell anything about a man from his parents, but New York claims "that sh*t is crazy" because she learned a lot.

On the next episode of I Love New York 2: The final three men go to Miami.  She loves Punk and Tailor Made, but New York and Buddha have an extremely hot and cold relationship.

Also, tomorrow night at 10pm (and 11pm), on FX, watch New York's guest appearance on Nip/Tuck.  I'll be back to recap that as well, so check it out!

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