VH1 Veterans Dominate 'I Love Money' 2
VH1 Veterans Dominate 'I Love Money' 2
It doesn't matter that the premiere of I Love Money's second season is weeks away.  The cast members have been revealed, and it's about time we find out a few things about them.  However, we already do know of the existence of these people, since they've previously appeared on several VH1 reality shows anyway.  It's just the way the world goes: around and around, like spin-off after spin-off after spin-off.

You'd think they won't come up with another season of I Love Money if you recall the crises in today's economy.  But apparently, the network isn't too concerned about that.  Unless you count recycling contestants to save up on casting expenditures as part of it.  The “Celebreality All-Stars” for I Love Money 2 headed to Mexico for the challenges, competing against one another for $250,000.

Back for the show is The Entertainer, from I Love New York 2 and the first season of I Love Money.  Joining him is his former competitor Heat, who was also seen on I Love New York.  Then there's the much-bullied Tailor Made of I Love New York 2 and New York Goes to Hollywood The one who punched him, Buddha, will also be returning, as well as I Love New York's Onix.  There's also 20 Pack and It from I Love New York 2, with Bonez and T-Weed from that show's first season.

As for the ladies, we've got reality show experts as well.  There's Angelique of stripper-fame, from Rock of Love 2 and the recently ended Rock of Love: Charm School.  Three ex-contestants of Flavor of Love and Flavor of Love: Charm School are also in I Love Money 2 as well: the crybaby Leilene, Buckwild the fairy princess of the underworld, and the memorable Saaphyri.

Rock of Love's Tamara will also be on this season of I Love Money, though you might not really remember her.  Although, you might recall this trio from Flavor of Love 3: Prancer, Myammee and the blunt-as-an-ice-pick Ice. Real Chance of Love's Cali and Milf are also taking part.

With that diverse mix of personalities all gathered in I Love Money 2, it seems as though VH1 knows what it's doing and just won't stop.  Fans can catch this new season as it airs on Monday, February 2. 

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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