'I Hate My Teenage Daughter' Season 1 Preview Guide: Uncontrollable Girls, Panicky Moms
'I Hate My Teenage Daughter'  Season 1 Preview Guide: Uncontrollable Girls, Panicky Moms
There's a brand new show coming onboard FOX this November! In I Hate My Teenage Daughter season 1, two mothers who have been best friends since high school remember their horrible teenage years. Worried their daughters could have the same fate, they spoil them to the point where they become uncontrollable "mean girls."

What to Expect from I Hate My Teenage Daughter Season 1:

Best friends Annie (Jaime Pressly) and Nikki (Katie Finneran) are two divorced mothers who have known each other since they were little. Both women had issues during their teenage years -- Annie's strict parents gave her little freedom while Nikki used to be overweight, a popular target for bullies. Now adults with children of their own, they fear that their daughters could share the same fate and so decide to give them everything they want. This plan takes an abrupt turn when they end up spoiling the girls, turning them into the same nasty "mean girls" who used to make fun of Annie and Nikki back when they were in high school.

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Annie's daughter Sophie (Kristi Lauren) has gotten whatever she wants since childhood. Now a spoiled teen, she tends to poke fun at her mother (but will eventually realize that she's in the wrong). Nikki's daughter Mackenzie (Aisha Dee) is a different story; she will make fun of her mother's eating habits without caring. She also knows how to control Nikki to get what she wants.

These two mothers don't expect any help, either. Annie's ex-husband Matt (Eric Sheffer Stevens) believes he can be a good parent, but he doesn't even know what to do in order to become one! Nikki's ex Gary (Chad Coleman) is also trying to make an effort, but tends to get into petty arguments with Nikki instead.

Annie and Nikki soon learn that they finally need to discipline their out-of-control daughters when the girls start to commit heartless acts in school, like locking a boy who needs to be in a wheelchair in the boys' bathroom. The two mothers quickly try to figure out ways to get a hold of their spoiled brats.

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Will they be able to do it? Find out when I Hate My Teenage Daughter season 1 premieres Wednesday, November 30 at 9:30 on FOX!

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