'Hung' Season 3 Preview Guide: Ray Goes Where He Has Never Gone Before
'Hung' Season 3 Preview Guide: Ray Goes Where He Has Never Gone Before
Last season on Hung, Ray found himself battling for the attention of both Lenore and Tanya. Add to that increasing tension at home. Add to that him being on the verge of losing his job (and having a sort of falling out with Mike). In the end he almost got back with Jessica -- only for her to decide she needs some me-time -- leaving him (and Tanya, who got herself in some money trouble) confused.

What to Expect in Hung Season 3

We don't know much at the moment about Hung season 3, but it's safe to guess things are going to get a bit more, ehrm, adventurous for Ray. We're hearing that producers are looking to cast a flight attendant -- we're guessing she'll get frisky on the plane, or at least somewhere where it's hidden.

The new season will also feature a pretty big first for Ray. Never mind that he's not into "gay sex": now that he's got a rival breathing down his neck, Ray will decide to pick up a transgender receptionist who hasn't finished gender reassignment surgery yet, and who knows where things will go from there? The character, Kyla, will be played by transgender actress Jamie Clayton.

Also expect more familiar faces on Hung season 3: Lennie James, who plays pimp Charlie, has been promoted to a series regular. The Vampire Diaries' Stephen Arnell is also expected to appear on the show as a gigolo who starts creeping into Ray's territory, prompting the thing with Kyla. I wonder how that will turn out for him.

Watch these trailers for Hung season 3:

Hung returns with ten new episodes on October 2 on HBO.

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