'Human Target' Video: The Cast Get Photos (And Talk About Their Roles, Too)
Comic book fans, or those who just want some extra action on your television screens, well, Human Target's fast approaching. It's next Sunday already--a special preview on January 17 from 8pm, before it settles on Wednesday night--and slowly I'm warming to the idea of the series: Christopher Chance, this bodyguard who'll protect his clients from imminent threats by being the, well, human target.

Also helps that the cast--Mark Valley, Chi McBride and Jackie Earle Haley looks very much from the comic books, a nod perhaps to the series' origins as a graphic novel.

Call this filler, but I'm just whetting appetite. Here's a video from their photo shoot, and that means the cast also get to talk about their characters on the show, and maybe have some goof-outs on the side. Still, it's cool seeing Mark hang off a helicopter and point a gun at you. Not, of course, when you're the one he's after.

(Image courtesy of Fox)