Human Target: Previewing Episode 10 'Tanarak'
Human Target: Previewing Episode 10 'Tanarak'
What did we learned last week on Human Target? One, Chance can take things personally--pretty much what he did when he continued the mission not for his client's sake, but for Eva's. Two, the team know more than the client does, which explains for Chance's quick turn-around. Three, Chance is on the run from someone. No, not Prentiss.

How do they figure tonight? I'm not sure about the third one. The first and the second, definitely. Tonight's episode has Chance flying to a remote island in Alaska, searching for a mission doctor and investigate the involvement of an industrial giant in the death of a mining foreman.

Catch is, the good doctor--Terminator Salvation's Moon Bloodgood takes on this role--isn't exactly convinced that she needs security from Chance. I bet there's a connection between her and that industrial giant. Maybe she's connected to the dead foreman, too? If she knew all this, why won't she just take on Chance's quality protection?

Ahhh, right, the team knows more than the client does. Right. Human Target airs tonight from 8pm on Fox.

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