Human Target: Previewing Episode 7 'Salvage & Reclamation'
Human Target: Previewing Episode 7 'Salvage & Reclamation'
The last time we met Christopher Chance, he was stuck inside this smart building going after him, trying to rescue someone who's being held hostage (figuratively) by some powerful weapons manufacturer. End result: everything worked out fine... but, as always, not exactly fine, since there's the question of Chance's past to follow up on.

Two weeks later, we're here, and we'll get another taste of Chance's past. Human Target returns tonight with a trip to South America, which obviously is far from a holiday. It's a mission, if you want to be specific with it.

So he's there to rescue an archaeologist who's become the target of a South American army. See, he discovered lost treasure, so this army's going after him. And, to make things worse, a bounty hunter is also out to get him and his find. Yeowch.

As for Chance, well, he'll find something for himself: his former flame. Mm-hmm, I can see sparks flying, and after a reunion or two, it's back to work... unless, of course, that former flame happens to be one of the enemies. It's going to be a trip to the past anyway. Human Target returns tonight from 8pm on Fox.

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