Human Target: Previewing Episode 6 "Lockdown"
Human Target: Previewing Episode 6 "Lockdown"
Still getting some clues about Chance's past, eh? I don't think we'll have much of those tonight.

In tonight's episode of Human Target, Chance gets quite a handful. You see, he's tasked to rescue a genius engineer from his bosses. His killer bosses, in fact. They own a weapons company, and they're pretty much up to no good, as you can see from their maximum security headquarters. I mean, you can't just break in without being noticed.

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So, Chance, has to infiltrate, rescue, and stage a prison break. Well, "prison" is a metaphor here. And, as expected, things are going to be a bit harder for Chance, who suddenly has to deal with some laser ray or something...

Alias' Kevin Weisman and Grey's Anatomy's Mitch Pileggi guest stars on tonight's Human Target, the last new one for a while, from 8pm on Fox.

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