Human Target: Previewing Episode 4 "Sanctuary"
Human Target: Previewing Episode 4 "Sanctuary"
It's getting there, but I'm glad Human Target's getting its swing. Last week's episode was tighter, yes, but the best thing perhaps was the little bit about Chance's past--him being John Doe, him having all these aliases, him leaving that fingerprint on that FBI agent's handcuffs, suggesting that he wants out--now there's a season-long conflict I can follow.

Indeed, the best television comes when there's something personal at stake. This show's still not there, but judging from last week's cool personal arrangements (the call-this-number-and-I'll-know-you're-screwed thing) things will get more and more intense for Chance and the gang.

Tonight's episode doesn't really have a personal connection, but there's a spiritual one. I mean, Chance masquerading as a monk as part of an engagement? Now there's something to think about. Perhaps his task this time around--to protect a reformed thief from his former (and pissed off, I must say) associates--would connect to his own I-wanna-get-out-of-here hints. As for the action, well, there's the chase to prevent theft of important religious artifacts...

...yeah, that's got to be somewhere. Human Target airs on its new (and hopefully permanent) time slot tonight from 8pm on Fox.

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