Human Target: Previewing Episode 2 "Rewind"
Human Target: Previewing Episode 2 "Rewind"
Human Target must love different modes of transportation a lot. Must be the thrill associated with it. I mean, Chance took the job in the series premiere last Sunday because he gets to ride California's first bullet train! That's 200 mph of sheer goodness--at least until the brakes fail and the whole thing threatens to derail. Oh, and the fight scenes inside the carriages, too.

This week? It's a plane. If you've seen the promos, you must've seen someone fly a plane upside down, in what apparently is a thunderstorm. Suspension of disbelief? We'll see.

On tonight's episode, Chance takes on the job of watching over this client, one they have never met. On a plane. Like a bodyguard, really, watching over their wards when they're in transit, making sure nobody gets to them, like the assassin they're watching out for. You mean that dude got through airport security?

Oh, and Chance gets to work with Winston, too, so if last time he was mostly coordinating on the side, this time he gets to ride an upside down plane. I wonder what he'll think. Dexter's Courtney Ford and Battlestar Galactica's Alessandro Juliani guest star on Human Target, showing up on its Wednesday night slot, tonight from 9pm on Fox. You've seen the photos? Go on.

(Image courtesy of Fox)