'Human Target' Preview: Taking A Chance With British Royalty
'Human Target' Preview: Taking A Chance With British Royalty
Christopher Chance was at it again last week, going on a mission with implications far bigger than we imagined--and him taking things a little bit personally. But I guess that's the Chance guarantee: they really cover everything, and then some.

I don't know if that guarantee applies to tonight's Human Target, though. He's asked to protect a member of the British royalty--and we all know how private they can be. Tabloids hounding them, controversy surrounding them... and now that one of them, this particular member of royalty Chance is protecting, has abdicated her throne out of love for a commoner, it's going to be kicked up a notch.

And by "up a notch" I mean a huge notch. She's just abdicating the throne, and already she's pegged for assassination? Possibly by her own people? To the point that she'll have to disguise herself as a stripper? Man, royalty really is hard to understand.

Human Target returns tonight from 8pm on Fox.

(Image courtesy of Fox)