'Human Target' Premiere Encounters No-Football Snag
'Human Target' Premiere Encounters No-Football Snag
Judging from the decent turn of events, Human Target's premiere wouldn't exactly go as expected.

Fox executives were hoping that the Mark Valley-fronted action series' premiere, set for January 17 at 8pm, would get a strong boost from an NFL game early in the afternoon. Well, not exactly. NFL announced its post-season schedule, and Fox is airing the first football game (at 1pm) on that day. So, no, no football lead-in.

According to Variety, the network's bosses weren't please with developments, but decided to keep Target's premiere on its original time slot, and hope for the best.

Well, they can somehow still hope for the best. Now, both East Coasters and West Coasters can watch the seventh season finale of 24, which will air from 7pm on that day. And, surely, 24 fans will tune in (maybe after football) to see what happened before--especially considering season 8 of the Kiefer Sutherland-fronted series is directly connected to the previous season.

And, well, looks like Human Target can still end up a winner.

(Image courtesy of Fox)