How I Met Your Mother: Ted Goes for the Tricycle
How I Met Your Mother: Ted Goes for the Tricycle
Why aren't more people watching How I Met Your Mother?  Really, it's insane.  Last week, for instance, more viewers tuned in for The Big Bang Theory at 8:30 than How I Met Your Mother at 8pm.  Nothing against The Big Bang Theory, which isn't bad, but How I Met Your Mother is far and away the best sitcom on TV right now.  It's not even close (unless you count 30 Rock as a sitcom, which it isn't).  Tonight, How I Met Your Mother devoted an entire episode to Ted attempting to pull off the vaunted “tricycle” with two lovely ladies (tricycle = threesome).  There were numerous laugh-out loud moments, the subject matter was delightfully risque, and it had Neil Patrick Harris.  Seriously, why aren't more people watching How I Met Your Mother?

Plot-wise, you don't need to know much about tonight's episode.  The two ladies that Ted is trying to bed are former sorority sisters, played by Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years) and Busy Phillips (ER, Freaks and Geeks).  He enlists the wisdom of Lily, Marshall and Barney in this mission.  It's funny, it's character-driven, and is unlike any other sitcom on television. 

The second season of How I Met Your Mother wasn't nearly as good as its first, and a large part of that had to do with the fact that main character Ted was no longer single.  Now that he and Barney are back working the bars, things have now gotten back to the level of the first season on How I Met Your Mother.  In a world where Two and a Half Men is the highest rated comedy on TV, how is it remotely possible that a show ten times funnier can't find an audience?  Perhaps it will go the route of Seinfeld (not that I'm saying it's as good as Seinfeld, nor close) in that it will take audiences four or five seasons to discover just how good it is.  Tonally, How I Met Your Mother isn't much like Seinfeld, but more in the vein of Friends.  Barney is Chandler, Marshall is a funnier Joey, and Ted is Ross.  And, How I Met Your Mother might be funnier.

How I Met Your Mother
is also the most ground-breaking sitcom since Seinfeld.  It may not seem like it, because the characters, stories and premise are hardly unique.  Structurally, though, sitcoms have never seen anything like it.  The way the writers use flash backs, flash forwards and fantasies is both incredibly clever and original.  There's no formula to it either.  Whatever each story needs, the writers comply. 

If you're one of those TV viewers who isn't watching, please do.  How I Met Your Mother was almost canceled at the end of last season, and could be in danger again.  I want to see Marshall's three remaining Barney-slaps.  I want to see Ted get that tricycle belt.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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