How I Met Your Mother: Sandcastles in the Sand
This is why I love How I Met Your Mother.  On tonight's episode, there was a new term to add to my lexicon (“revertigo”), there were a number of hilarious Canada-themed jokes (“Robin, did he take your Maple Leaf?”), there was a great guest star (Dawson), the return of Robin Sparkles and one giant step forward in the show's mythology. Cobie Smulders was up to the challenge – the whole weight of the episode was on her shoulders.  And, let's not kid ourselves – the ending of tonight's episode may change the face of How I Met Your Mother for good.  I have a feeling that “Sandcastles in the Sand” will go down as one of the series' classics. 

Robin and her carefully constructed cleavage informs the gang that her high school flame is coming to meet her at the bar.  He broke up with her after one of his band's shows when Robin was 16.  When James Van Der Beek shows up at the bar, we quickly see that Robin has “won”: Dawson is an overweight, balding loser.  But, Robin is still in love.  Hence, the birth of the “Revertigo” theme that permeates throughout the episode.  From there, Robin and Dawson's relationship is rekindled and eventually ends exactly as it did the first time.  Meanwhile, Barney learns of the existence of a second Robin Sparkles video and makes it his life goal to find it.

But enough about the plot. If you're reading this, you know it.  Also, I don't need to tell you about how funny the whole thing was.  I laughed out loud a number of times, which is all I care about.  So, let's discuss the ramifications of the final scene which, depending on how the next episode begins, could be major.  If How I Met Your Mother decides to make Robin and Barney an actual couple, I'm on board.  I've always felt the two match-up well, but I may be biased – Robin and Barney are probably my favorite two characters on the show.  They have a good chemistry, and if they are all of a sudden coupled, the ripple effect and potential story lines that come from it are significant.  How will Ted react?  That's probably the most important one, and great fodder for future episodes. 

I thought that Barney would eventually have to grow up a little bit – this is a good first step.  It's possible that the writers will back out of this plot line and just have this one passionate night forever hang over Robin and Barney's heads.  Or, they can try to keep it all a secret, which could also be a nice well of comedy. 

My 5 Favorite Things from “Sandcastles in the Sand”

The Foreskins, their single “Murder Train” and orphaned dogs

The ridiculous Canadian accents in all the flashbacks

“...not that Inuit.”

Lilly's revertigo

“Is that Alan Thicke?” 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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