'How I Met Your Mother': Michael Trucco Will Return as Robin's Love Interest in Season 8
'How I Met Your Mother': Michael Trucco Will Return as Robin's Love Interest in Season 8
Jenn Lee
Jenn Lee
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While we still don't know whether season 8 of How I Met Your Mother will be its last, we do know who will be playing Robin's love interest this season--Michael Trucco (of Fairly Legal) will be reprising his role as Robin's crush.

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Trucco appeared briefly on HIMYM in the season 6 episode "Crush." The Battlestar Galactica star was supposed to return in a larger role in season 7, but due to conflicts with Fairly Legal, Trucco was unable to fill the commitment. Robin found romance, instead, in Kal Penn's character Kevin.

According to show co-creator Craig Thomas, Robin (Cobie Smulders) will set her eyes on a romantic interest early on in season 8. Trucco's character (who was simply referred to as Crush) will have a significant arc, appearing in a good "chunk" of the season, according to TVLine.

Trucco's HIMYM casting might be a sign of Fairly Legal's uncertain renewal. The USA legal drama just finished its second season in June, and there has been no announcement regarding a season 3.

It will be interesting for fans to ponder how Robin's relationship with Trucco's character will eventually lead her to Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), who will begin the season engaged to Quinn (guest star Becki Newton). Perhaps Barney, who last made a plea for Robin's heart when they were both seeing other people (Barney with Nora, Robin with Kevin), will be motivated in the same way this season when he sees Robin with someone else. But knowing the length of the season, this process might take a while.

However Trucco's role is played into the story, let's hope his character and Robin don't get along too well (in the way that some fans got attached to Quinn last season), because we all know it will be Robin and the Barnacle at the end of the day/season/series.

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