How I Met Your Mother: Eatin' Sandwiches
How I Met Your Mother: Eatin' Sandwiches
How I Met Your Mother is the only sitcom that really takes chances anymore.  Whereas most long-running network sitcoms are slaves to formula, How I Met Your Mother changes things up on a weekly basis.  Structurally, there are very few through lines.  Sure, every episode features flashbacks of some kind, but they're deployed in all different manners, whether it be flash back, flash forward, the fake out, poorly remembered stories, different versions of the same event or, like tonight, all of the above.  Most episodes of How I Met Your Mother cover a few days in the lives of our main characters but tonight's episode actually took place in a shorter space of time than the episode's run time.  That might be a sitcom first.  I certainly can't think of any show that's done that before.

This is the premise of the episode: Ted's new girlfriend comes along to meet Marshall, Lily, Barney and Robin.  The new girlfriend (whose name Future Ted can't remember, so she's called “Blah-Blah”) is embarrassed that she and Ted met on line, so she makes up a cheesy story about how they met to impress his friends.  This sparks debate about how crazy blah-blah is, the social stigma of meeting people on line, and has everyone tell their stories about how they met each other. 

The telling of how Marshall met Ted, Ted met Lily, Marshall met Lily, Ted met Robin, Ted met Barney, and how Barney met Marshall fill most of the episode.  The most important part of the episode was Ted's reluctant admission to Blah-Blah that he and Lily drunkenly made out at their Freshman Orientation, and that he and Lily have never discussed it, nor has he ever told Marshall.  It turns out that Ted was mistaken and that he made out with a different girl, but therein lies the episode's conflict.  The funniest parts, though, arise from Blah-Blah's complete insanity which, as per Barney's Crazy/Hot scale, is in constant battle with her hotness. 

5 Funniest Moments/Quotes from Tonight's Episode:

#5 – The Vickie Mendoza Diagonal

Barney's scale defining the constant struggle between a lady's craziness and hotness is a nice nod to baseball's Mendoza Line, made famous by former Seattle Mariner Mario Mendoza, who hit at, around and above .200 for an entire MLB season.  How I Met Your Mother loves using graphics.

#4 - “Crazy, how cute that is.”

Barney makes it his job to call out Blah-Blah's craziness all night.  His repeated use of the word crazy had me laughing every time.

#3 - “Put out your sandwich.”

Since Future Ted is relaying these stories to his kids, he doesn't want to talk about drugs. So, tonight sandwich=joint. 

#2 - “She gained 20 pounds and tried to kill me with a brick.”

This is Barney explaining why the worst part of the crazy/hot scale is called the Shelly Gillespie Zone. 

#1 - “I just lie there.” 

Probably the funniest Robin moment of the season. When she's outed by Blah-Blah as Ted's ex-girlfriend, Robin tries to explain it all away, but keeps digging herself a deeper hole, culminating in the above quote, explaining why her and Ted's sex wasn't all that good, but that it wasn't Ted's fault.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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