How I Met Your Mother: Contemplating the Return of Britney
How I Met Your Mother: Contemplating the Return of Britney
After Britney Spears guest-starred on How I Met Your Mother two weeks ago as a receptionist named Abby, the rumors have been swirling about her possible return to the series.  Gossip columns have been buzzing about Spears' appearance on How I Met Your Mother and, if there's even a speck of a story regarding Britney, then it's going to be pounded into submission.  Which is exactly what's happened with this one.  Will she come back to How I Met Your Mother?  As show runner Carter Bays has simply stated, nobody knows.  The How I Met Your Mother team's public stance has been that they were very pleased with her performance as Abby, and that she'd be welcomed back in a heart beat.  I have no reason to suspect this isn't the case, but I also know that it's not as simple a matter of her deciding whether she want to be on the show again. 

Personally, I thought Britney's guest stint was a success, and that's only because she wasn't terrible or distracting.  It also helps that the episode was very good.  She's clearly not an actress of much talent, but in small doses Britney could be manageable in future episodes.  However, it's not going to make sense for Britney to return unless Sarah Chalke's doctor character returns as well.  Given the way the How I Met Your Mother writers have set the series up for maximum story flexibility, Chalke's character could play a huge part (by being the eponymous mother of Ted's children) or she could never be seen again.  Both are possible. 

The other major question is this: Will How I Met Your Mother be around long enough for Britney (or anyone) to snag a guest role?  CBS still hasn't renewed the series for another season, though the Britney episode, with its big ratings, certainly helped.  What worries me is the possibility that, after the success of Britney's episode, CBS forces more stunt casting on the show.  It's not necessary, but if it's the only way for How I Met Your Mother to stay on the air, then I can swallow my pride and get on board.  This is basically how I feel about the whole Britney thing – I'd rather Britney not be a big (or any) part of the show's future, but if it keeps How I Met Your Mother on the air I can deal with it.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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