Exclusive Video Interview with 'How I Met Your Mother' Stars Josh Radnor and Sarah Chalke
Exclusive Video Interview with 'How I Met Your Mother' Stars Josh Radnor and Sarah Chalke
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Though some people might remember “Ten Sessions” as the episode of How I Met Your Mother with Britney Spears, true fans recall it as the first time they saw Sarah Chalke as potential Mother Stella. Chalke, more famous for her work on Scrubs and as the second Becky on Roseanne, has infused the cast of How I Met Your Mother with a very special energy, especially when it comes to co-star Josh Radnor,

BuddyTV spoke to Radnor and Chalke during our visit to the set of How I Met Your Mother. Aside from their effortless chemistry, we also got to watch them film a scene from next week's very special wedding episode that's sure to include more than one surprise. Continue reading to watch our exclusive video interview.

SPOILER WARNING: This interview contains plot details about next week's episode.

The Ted-Stella relationship is a bit like a roller coaster this season, with plenty of ups and downs. “Just like the stock market,” Radnor said.

The fifth episode of the season, “Shelter Island,” which airs October 20, will follow-up on the wedding Stella invited Ted to at the end of season 3. The wedding is originally for Stella's sister (played by One Tree Hill veteran Daneel Harris), but three days before the ceremony, she gets left by her fiancee, and since the wedding is already paid for, Stella and Ted decide it's the perfect opportunity to gave their own fancy wedding, giving them just three days to arrange everything so they can tie the knot. Radnor hints that not everything goes according to plan, but it rarely does on How I Met Your Mother.

The mystery of how Robin and Ted may have been solved last week, with Ted's vow to move to New Jersey, freeing up his apartment, though Radnor doesn't overlook the Three's Company-esque situation of Ted living with both Robin and Stella.

Chalke thinks the wacky Three's Company situations would work, especially since she describes spilling coffee on a chair before filming a scene where she breaks a wine bottle over Alyson Hannigan's lap.

How I Met Your Mother
airs tonight at 8:30pm on CBS, and next week brings another new episode with the big wedding that features no less than three Canadians: Cobie Smulders and special guest stars Sarah Chalke and Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones.

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