8 Reasons Not to Miss the 'How I Met Your Mother' Series Finale
8 Reasons Not to Miss the 'How I Met Your Mother' Series Finale
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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The CBS mega-hit How I Met Your Mother wraps up Season 9 with its series finale on Monday, March that is sure to leave fans laughing and crying as the final credits roll. The cast and creators spoke at a press event about filming the final episodes and we've got 8 reasons you won't want to miss the last episode. 

There Was Always a Plan for the Ending

Asked about the ending, co-creator Craig Thomas said, "We really did have an eight-year plan from the pilot.  We kind of knew how we wanted to end it, which turns out to be nine years, which is great, but we were so naive that it would just keep going."  

Part of the Ending was Shot in 2006

Not many shows prepare for their finales so far ahead of time, but Thomas said they knew what they wanted to do for a very long time. 

"It's surreal that the ending is coming.  We shot that little bit with the kids in fall of 2006, I think, and it's part of the end game.  You will see it on March 31st, and it's really weird to get to that point.  I miss everybody already, but I think it's only going to hit us once it's really over," Thomas said.

In the End, You'll Know the Whole Story

Fans will not only know what the whole story is when it's over, but why they've been watching it, according to co-creator Carter Bays. "We've kind of tried to space out over the season, like, have kind of a building momentum to how much we're seeing of their relationship, but we will, in these last few episodes, really get a sense of sorts to tie it all together in a package of what this story has been that we've been watching, why we've been watching it."

Big Moments are Coming

The story is all about Ted and The Mother and fans can expect a lot of big moments as the show signs off, according to Thomas. "We're going to get more glimpses of their relationship for sure and some big moments in it." 

Season 9 Wasn't Supposed to Happen

From the beginning, the plan was always to do the series in eight seasons, but once a ninth was on the table, the creators were happy to take on the challenge.

"It's been a delight writing this year and planning it out, and, you know, it's been a challenge," Bays admitted. "It was different, the decision to do the whole [season] over a weekend.  There's been pitfalls in it through the whole season over the weekend, but it's been such [an] experience you give yourself challenges.  That's why you get up in the morning, and it's been a fun challenge to figure out how to do that and also, you know, a huge part of that is meeting the mother and being able to write that."

Thomas agreed, adding, "We loved the idea, we aimed for the idea that a Season 9 episode would feel unlike other seasons, that we would give the audience a feeling that something different is happening, but it's still How I Met Your Mother.  It's a bit different, and there was that feeling, like, how do you do another Thanksgiving episode, another Christmas episode?    How do you go through a whole other year and find a fresh way to do that?  But it's been inspiring to tell the story in a different way.  It's been the furthest ahead in the writing than we've ever been in the run of the show."

The Ending is More Complicated Than You Would Assume

Not one to wait until he got the final script, star Neil Patrick Harris demanded to know everything about the finale well before it was written. "I cornered Carter and Craig at our Christmas party," Harris said. "And after, like, five drinks, I got them in the corner, and said, 'Now it's time.  I want you to tell me everything.  Spill the beans.  Tell me how it all ends,' and they did.  They stood there and they told me they would tell me all of it, and it's more complicated than you would assume."

Harris added, "And for all of our fans, they will be far from disappointed."

The Ending Reveals the Beginning

When asked if it will be revealed why Ted chose to start the story when he did, Bays said, "Yes.  Definitely."

The Ending is Really the Ending

When asked if there was any chance that some of the characters will visit CBS' new series How I Met Your Dad, both creators were adamant that the end was really the end. 

"Nothing will replace these people sitting here, and I think we owe it to this show to end it on its own terms, and when this show ends, that's the curtain coming down for this world, I think," Bays said.

Thomas agreed, adding, "We want to keep the end really clean, really clean and respectful.  This show is ending. [It] deserves the best possible ending that it could get, and the fans who stuck with us deserve that, and that's what we intend to give that."

What are you looking forward to seeing in the How I Met Your Mother series finale?

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