5 Good Reasons to Watch Tonight's 'How I Met Your Mother' Double Season 7 Premiere
5 Good Reasons to Watch Tonight's 'How I Met Your Mother' Double Season 7 Premiere
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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There's a lot of competition for your primetime viewing attention this evening. Between Charlie Sheen's Comedy Central roast, Ashton Kutcher's debut on Two and a Half Men and the premieres of Dancing with the Stars and The Sing-Off, you've got more than your share of spectacle (some impressive, some second-hand-embarrassment-inducing) to choose from.

So even if you're a card-carrying, Bro-Code-abiding member of the Barney Stinson Fan Club, it might be tempting to relegate tonight's How I Met Your Mother season 7 premiere to the DVR. But I've got five good reasons you should tune in tonight to our favorite show about New York's most lovable functioning alcoholics:

Watch a How I Met Your Mother season 6 refresher here!

1. Robin and Barney's undeniable chemistry. No, I'm not talking about their big dance number, though that's even more awesome in the context of the episode than the preview clip indicates, because of the girl to girl conversation between Robin (Colbie Smulders) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) that precedes it. It's the moment after their dance that will have your heart breaking ... and then immediately mending itself so it can root with renewed fervor for the Barnacle and the Canadian to try again. They are truly our generation's second Ross and Rachel (after Ross and Rachel).

2. Awesome Eriksen antics. If you worried after the season 6 finale's big news that Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily having a baby meant that Marshall and Lily would stop being awesome and start being [shudder] responsible, it's time to celebrate! Because you're wrong. The Eriksens combined for some of my favorite moments of tonight's first episode, "The Best Man," when Lily, trying to hide her pregnancy, forces Marshall to take all her drinks at Punchie's wedding. I won't spoil all of Marshall's drunken reception antics, but they're as adorable as they are destructive. They're also a good omen for the season, which will see Lily and Marshall through all the trials of her pregnancy until the birth in May -- and judging from the premiere, it will be a bumpy and hilarious road.

3. Martin Freaking Short. He's making his first of several appearances in tonight's second episode, "The Naked Truth," as Marshall's new boss, a punny and lovable maniacal environment lawyer named Garrison Cootes. The man is a national treasure, and turns every scene he's in into its own little treasure.

4. Ted back on the dating scene. Last season, Ted's quest for his bride was completely bogged down by an annoying shrew named Zoey. Now, Ted's basically like Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character in (500) Days of Summer after that other Zooey (Deschanel) dumps him. He's losing his faith in fate, true love, the one, and unicorns riding down rainbows on tandem bikes. This is a side of Ted we haven't seen in a while, and it will add a new level of interest (as in, make Ted interesting again) as he gets back into the dating scene and recommits to our titular goal of meeting the mother.

5. A new mystery to discuss.
We all know the identity of the mother is a far-off and tired mystery. (As a slight consolation, though, the show is aware of our weariness and even pokes a little fun at it in the premiere with the help of Bob Saget and Ted's future kids.) But season 7 is all about the mystery of Barney's (Neil Patrick Harris) future lady-love, and the premiere gives us another scene from his wedding to fuel our theory-engines. Is Barney's bride Nora, Robin or some other unknown woman? There's either a major hint or (more likely) a cruel red herring at the end of the scene, and we can look forward to more, as Craig Thomas has teased that this season is a "bit of a Mamma Mia" for Barney. The silver lining of this mystery? It's definitely going to get solved. "We're not going to string that along," Thomas has said. So, unlike all your long-dead theories about Ted's future bride, you don't have to feel like all your 'shipping and speculating is going to waste on Barney.

Tune in to CBS at 8pm tonight, Monday, September 19, for two new episodes of How I Met Your Mother: "The Best Man" and "The Naked Truth."

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