Sorvino's Storyline on 'House' is "Remarkable"
Sorvino's Storyline on 'House' is "Remarkable"
Movie star Mira Sorvino is set to guest-star in the post-Superbowl episode of House, in which she'll play a woman who falls ill while conducting a study at the South Pole.  Her storyline is similar to a real-life incident involving a woman who had to treat herself for cancer while stuck in the arctic, which, Sorvino says, made the experience more “remarkable.”

"It certainly doesn't directly follow her story line, but I think the concept of a person trapped in the South Pole with some medical experience, but no hospital to treat herself with, that's pretty similar,” Sorvino said in a recent conference call.  "Before I did the episode, I didn't know that there had been such a tale, so it's even more remarkable knowing it's partially true."

Making her storyline even more interesting is the fact that her character must receive medical instructions from House and his team via a webcam.  Sorvino is excited about what her character will have to undergo, but is even more thrilled with having landed the opportunity to work on House, of which she is an avid follower.

“I'm a crazy House fan,” she said. “It's my favorite show on TV and it's funny because once I got pregnant with my first child, I ended up watching a lot more TV than I had for years and I just became absolutely addicted to House and just thought it was so intelligent and thought [show star Hugh Laurie] is so fantastic and the writing and the other characters.  Everything about it just drew me in every week and continues to do so.”

Working on House also gave Mira Sorvino the chance to witness first-hand the acting brilliance of Laurie.

“I think he has amazing timing; his delivery is just so spot on and he always knows the best way to hit one of those over-the-top lines that he has, where he's just saying something kind of shocking or rude.  But he knows he can get away with it, kind of like a naughty boy,” she said.  “In person he's funny too, but he's also very smart, just like the character.  I've never really seen his British farcical work, so I'm more exposed to this character than any other work."

Mira Sorvino loved working on the show so much that she is entertaining the possibility of a return.

"I would love to come back for an extended story arc, it was fun,” she said.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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