Leonard Commends 'House' as Well as Laurie
Leonard Commends 'House' as Well as Laurie
Fans of FOX's House are all-too familiar with the eponymous lead character's insensitive and brutally frank approach to patients and fellow doctors alike, but series actor Robert Sean Leonard, who plays House's (Hugh Laurie) friend and colleague Dr. James Wilson, gives the cranky head diagnostician some credit.

“House is brilliant, self-deprecating and witty. What's not to like? OK, he mistreats people — but in a really amusing way,” Leonard told TV Guide.  “Almost every¬thing the guy does is for some purpose.  And Wilson's a lot more secure in his friendship with House now.  I think that has changed, as Hugh and I have changed on the show, too.”

Leonard also said that he and Laurie “know each other better now,” and that his British costar is “great guy to work with and really fun.”  Their witty on-screen exchanges are not the result of improvisation, however, as Leonard said there is no need to improvise, given the genius of the show's writing staff.

Robert Sean Leonard's character on House is less confrontational when it comes to dealing with situations, and the 38-year-old actor said that in real-life, he pretty much exhibits the same quality.

“If I don't work for a few days, I don't even change out of my pajamas, let alone deal with other people,” he said.  “My girlfriend [world-class equestrian Gabriella Salick] and I are afraid that we're going to disappear.  All we like doing is reading and watching Dog Whisperer.”

Robert Sean Leonard treasures his personal life, and said that despite having “the best job in Hollywood,” he can't see himself working 16 hours each day, which is the amount of time Laurie usually spends on the set of House.

“I rarely work more than three days a week. I once said if I worked the way Hugh does, I'd put a gun in my mouth,” he said.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: TV Guide
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