Jennifer Morrison Returns to 'House'
Jennifer Morrison Returns to 'House'
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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That title is a little misleading. Jennifer Morrison is not categorically making a u-turn back to House. But from a source reveals, Cameron fans can heave a very little, temporary sigh of relief.

"You will see Cameron again on House before the end of the season," reveals the source to Entertainment Weekly.

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Everything is pretty much under wraps, including the circumstances of her return to Princeton Plainsboro and House and whether she's staying put. House executive producer Katie Jacobs previously said that Morrison "might" be back, but she might be busy with The Miracle Worker, so that should be factored in, too.

"She is doing a play. She asked if she could do this play, and she's really excited about it, and we're really excited for her... I would love to see her again, too."

The clues are everywhere for JMo's return, however. Observe what Omar Epps said on the sidelines of the People's Choice Awards: "She is not officially gone. It isn't like they killed her off. And even if they had, we've already had a dead person come back with Amber. So there is still a possibility."

Are we milking something out of nothing? Seeing something where there isn't? Turns out we aren't. She will most likely squeeze in filming her House scenes before her Broadway engagement takes most of her time next month, when The Miracle Worker starts previews.

Source: Entertainment Weekly
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