Jennifer Grey Takes over Monday Night Television
Jennifer Grey Takes over Monday Night Television
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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OK, Jennifer Grey fans -- it's time to warm up your DVRs, because you're going to need them this Monday! In addition to her regular stint on Dancing with the Stars, Jennifer Grey will also be appearing as a guest star on Monday's House. Both shows air at 8 PM (ET/PT), and you can find Dancing with the Stars on ABC and House on Fox.

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On House, Grey will play the mother of a newborn infant sick enough to fall under the not-so-tender care of Dr. House. The episode, entitled "Unplanned Parenthood," also features the genius doctor tackling a sudden responsibility of his own. House finds himself left to care for Cuddy's 2-year-old daughter, Rachel, and is not quite up to the task. It's safe to say that this episode will do some serious investigation into the nature of parenting, both good and bad.

In an interesting scheduling twist, Grey will simultaneously appear on Dancing with the Stars, performing her fifth dance of the competition. Producers of both shows could not have known for sure whether or not Grey would advance to the fifth week of DWTS, thus creating the scheduling issues. Grey has, however, advanced with great success. In the present week of the dancing competition, Jennifer Grey is the clear front-runner, having achieved the highest score in all but one of the first four weeks.

Audiences have been unused to the presence of Jennifer Grey on TV since the cancellation of her 1990s sitcom, It's Like, You Know... But it looks like Grey is making up for lost time this season with both the Dancing with the Stars gig and the prominent House guest role.

Fox has released a video clip showing Jennifer Grey on House. Her baby seemingly improving (although there will most likely be at least one change for the worse if this clip doesn't come from the very end of the episode), Grey's character gets to hold the newborn in her arms for the first (or second?) time. The clip also features the appearance of another, older child, which hints at greater tensions throughout the episode.

Do you know which Jennifer Grey show you're going to watch this week? Or will you sneak in both? Let us know!

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