Hugh Laurie Sheds 'House' Persona in Street Kings'
Hugh Laurie Sheds 'House' Persona in Street Kings'
We're two weeks away from the start of all-new episodes of House.  There's no shortage of Hugh Laurie however, as the man who wears the painkiller-addicted, acerbic, self-indulgent Dr. Gregory House on the hit FOX series is currently gracing the big screen via Street Kings.

Laurie stars alongside The Matrix's Keanu Reeves and Academy Award-winner Forest Whitaker, in the movie about a cop under investigation by Internal Affairs.  Reeves plays the unconventional rebel with a cause cop, Tom Ludlow, Whitaker his captain, Jack Wander, and Laurie, the IAD officer, Capt. James Biggs.

"Suddenly being associated with edgy, nasty characters is quite a shock," Laurie said of his role in Street Kings, which opened in theaters Friday.  "Maybe after a couple more seasons of House I'll be craving the chance to go back home and play a twit again."

Though shocking according to him, the experience was also something Laurie considers as having a tinge of fanciful irony.

"[I'm] secretly amused that a middle-class English boy from Oxford could end up playing a veteran L.A.P.D. detective,” Laurie said.  “I even get to carry a gun in a Hollywood movie - every young boy's dream."

"It's a world I know nothing about," the award-winning British actor added.

Prior to landing the role of House, Laurie was either voicing relatively tame and benign creatures and characters in animated fare such as Stuart Little and 101 Dalmatians, essaying offbeat English personas in different Blackadder incarnations, or in screen renditions of classics like Sense and Sensibility.

While his new persona makes its presence felt on the big screen via the just-released Street Kings, Laurie is back to his usual busy schedule filming the eagerly anticipated new installments for House. The medical dramedy returns April 28, with its first post-strike original episode entitled “No More Mr. Nice Guy.”

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Reuters
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