Hugh Laurie Delivers a Dose of 'House'
Hugh Laurie Delivers a Dose of 'House'
House has been back on primetime television for three weeks now and continues to rake in impressive viewer numbers.  A large part of the show's success has to do with the man who essays the series' titular character.

Gifted with a remarkable knack for delivering comical, sardonic, arrogant, introspective and on the ball verbal punches with deadpan grace, Hugh Laurie has numerous nominations and citations for his work as the physically hampered and attitudinally insufferable Dr. Gregory House.  He spoke to last month, ahead of the opening of House's fourth season.

Laurie answered questions about his character's inevitable search for replacements after he loses his crew of diagnosticians.  The actor spoke about how House intends to deliver the same kind of psychological torment to his candidates as he has to those he constantly comes in contact with.

“He has many devious means of inflicting psychological torture,” Laurie admitted.  “Every candidate, every team of candidates, gets their own specific torment that they have to go through.”

Despite the brilliant doctor's abrasive and unconventional demeanor, he still manages to emerge as an unlikely magnet for certain unwitting females like his ex-wife Stacy (Sela Ward), his colleague Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) and a few of his female patients.  Laurie offered his take on why how his onscreen alter ego is still attractive to women.

“Clearly this is a troubled character,” Laurie pointed out.  “…one of my favorite episodes ever of Star Trek was when Captain Kirk looks over the cosmos and says, ‘Somewhere out there someone is saying the three most beautiful words in any language… Please help me.'  What a philosophically fantastic idea, that vulnerability and need is a beautiful thing.  Actually, House is a character in need of human contact and some kind of redemption.  That ‘Please help me' aspect I think is an important element in the show.”

The 48-year old from Oxfordshire, England also talked about what it was like to be named into the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II.

“I haven't been honored by many Queens in my life [so] not many things to compare it with, but it was a huge thrill,” Laurie said with just a hint of House in him.  “Of course it was a huge thrill.  I went to Buckingham Palace and I put on a royal set of tails.  I spoke to her for about 14 seconds.  I think that is all you are allowed, which I completely understand.  She's got to do 100 people in an hour.”

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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