'House' Producer Calls Hugh Laurie a "Real Gentleman"
'House' Producer Calls Hugh Laurie a "Real Gentleman"
House's main doctor is intelligent but often crass and rude to his patients, but show producer Katie Jacobs assures that the only thing English actor Hugh Laurie has in common with his character is his sharp mind and witty humor.

“[Hugh is] a real gentleman, very British,” Jacobs told the audience during a question-and-answer session at the James Stewart '32 last week, adding that the television star never says anything to offend.

Despite this, however, Jacobs said that Hugh Laurie was “the only answer” when they were going casting for the role, a process that proved rather difficult.  Jacobs shared that when the British actor showed up for his audition, he brought an umbrella instead of a cane and wore a button with the word “sexy” on his lapel.

“Now, his sex appeal is international,” Jacobs said.

Hugh Laurie, who broke into the English entertainment industry as a comedian, has gained much fame in the United States for his portrayal of Dr. Gregory House, the head diagnostician of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.  Fans of the series are now quite familiar with the doctor's numerous quirks, including his consistent pill-popping for his chronic leg pain.  House's addiction, as well as his “curmudgeonly [and] miserly” personality, “scared” FOX when the show was first being pitched to them, Jacobs said.

Now, however, the character has become one of viewers' favorites, and House itself has proven to be a big ratings winner for the network.

, like many other shows that were affected by the WGA strike, is currently on hiatus. It is scheduled to return with new episodes in April.

“We will absolutely not be able to do what we were going to do with 24 episodes in 16,” Jacobs explained, referring to the original plans for the current season.  “But we will finish the story arcs we started,” she added.

Jacobs also hinted at what fans can expect to see on the show's fifth season.

“[In season 5,] there will be a road trip with House and Wilson [Robert Sean Leonard] that will reach into House's past,” she said.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The Daily Princetonian
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