House: Washington University Features "An Afternoon with Kal Penn"
House:  Washington University Features "An Afternoon with Kal Penn"
Most of us probably know him as the hair brained-idea scheming half, Kumar, from the 2004 film, Harry & Kumar Go to White Castle.  On television, we caught a more sinister side of him as part of a sleeper cell of terrorists on Day 6 of 24.  Most recently, we have come to know him as #6/9 on the latest season of House.

New Jersey-born Kal Penn will be speaking to students at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri tomorrow, regarding his experiences as one of the lucky South Asians to break into Hollywood.

The event entitled “An Afternoon with Kal Penn” will feature the 30-year old recent House inclusion as he looks into how popular culture can help alter people's perceptions.  Penn will also offer a look into the entertainment industry in general, touching on the prejudices that continue to pervade it, as well as the dated politics that still exists.  Penn, who was originally born with the name Kalpen Suresh Modi, will also touch on the racial and cultural stereotypes that persist in American culture as well as the various steps that can be undertaken to oppose them.

Aside from his full schedule doing projects both for television and film, Penn is working towards a certificate in international security at Stanford University.  He is also slated to join the Asian American and Film departments at the University of Pennsylvania in the spring of next year.  The courses under his tutelage are tentatively titled “Images of Asian Americans in the Media” and “Contemporary American Teen Films.”

“An Afternoon with Kal Penn” is co-sponsored by Student Union and the Ashoka (educating the WUSTL community about Indian and Indian-American culture) and Mixed (embracing diverse ethnicities, heritages and cultural backgrounds) student organizations.

Catch House's Kal Penn's turn at the Assembly Series, tomorrow at the E. Desmond Lee Concert Hall of the 560 Music Center in Washington University.  The event starts at 4pm.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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