'House' Star Doesn't Want to be a "Frumpy" Hospital Administrator
'House' Star Doesn't Want to be a "Frumpy" Hospital Administrator
Lisa Edelstein plays a hospital administrator on House, and while she manages to spit out the difficult medical jargon required by the role, her penchant for wearing sexy and tight-fitting outfits to work, which would be deemed inappropriate in the real medical world, may leave one wondering if the character is realistic.  Well apparently, it's not supposed to be.

“Listen, it's actually not reality,” Edelstein, who plays Lisa Cuddy on House, told TV Guide.  “She's a television character, and I'm an actress playing a hospital administrator, and I don't want to be in frumpy clothes.  I want to be a hot hospital administrator.”

While fans of Edelstein and her character may not have a problem with is, they will have to wait a little longer before they can see more of the “hot hospital administrator” on House.  So far this season, the show's focus has been on rebuilding House's (Hugh Laurie) new team, what with the departure of Foreman (Omar Epps), Chase (Jesse Spencer) and Cameron (Jennifer Morrison).  The show was supposed to go back to its regular construction following the 9th episode, but then the writers' strike, well, struck.

“Everyone went on strike, so we've only got up till Episode 12 in the can,” she explained, “so Cuddy won't be sleeping with House unless we get the writers back.  So I'm out there picketing.”

Cuddy sleeping with House? An intriguing storyline indeed, especially since Edelstein has such great chemistry with Laurie.  However, the actress admits that even she is still in the dark with regards to her character's relationship with House.

“They don't really tell me anything — they don't want me to get attached to any ideas that might be floating around the writers' room,” she told TV Guide.  “Yes, there have been ideas tossed around — but I have no idea what actually will or will not happen.”

Edelstein did hint at the possibility of her character becoming involved with the other men on the show, but at this time, she's just hoping for the swift return of the writers, who are still on strike.

“I'm an artist in this industry, and the problems the writers are facing right now are the exact same problems the directors and actors will have to deal with in June,” Lisa Edelstein said.  “It's really important we be as supportive as we can; we have to go to work, because we'll get sued if we don't show up, but when I'm not working, I'm on the picket line.  No one wants this strike.  Probably the studios already know how much they're willing to pay, but they want to make everyone crawl across glass naked for it.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: TV Guide
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