'House' Season 6 to be Released on Blu-ray & DVD
'House' Season 6 to be Released on Blu-ray & DVD
Tiffany  Luckey
Tiffany Luckey
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV

This season, for the first time ever, FOX has just announced that it will release season 6 of House MD on both DVD and Blu-ray. For those of us who have already jumped on the Blu-ray bandwagon, and love the series, this will be a real treat!

The season 6 DVDs and Blu-rays will be available on August 31. Most outlets will enable you to pre-order your copy so you can be sure you'll get it the day it's officially released.

House fans know that this has been the most amazing season, beginning with House's time in Mayfield mental hospital, his moving in with Wilson and his pain watching Cuddy in a relationship with Lucas. And last night's incredible season finale has everyone talking. You'll be able to watch it again any time you want when the discs are released.

Good job, FOX for giving House fans even more to get excited about!

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