'House' Roundup: A Marriage Proposal, Cameron Returns and Wilson's Ex-wife
'House' Roundup: A Marriage Proposal, Cameron Returns and Wilson's Ex-wife
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
It's a nearly one-month break for House, with no new episodes until April 12, but from the looks of things, the wait will be worth it.

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According to Entertainment Weekly, there are three major events lined up when House resumes operations two weeks from today: Jennifer Morrison's return on April 12, Lost alum Cynthia Watros' debut as Wilson's (Robert Sean Leonard) first ex-wife on April 19, and a marriage proposal on the May 17 season finale.

A marriage what?! That's right. There are only six remaining episodes until  closes its sixth season on May 17. Here are some deets on the aforementioned events.

Morrison will reprise her role Cameron on "Lockdown" when PP is sent into lockdown mode due to a missing infant. Right now the promo says Chase (Jesse Spencer) will be locked down with "an old flame" while House (Hugh Laurie) will be with a patient (David Strathairn). Will Cameron be this old flame? EW adds that Morrison will bring "interesting paperwork" with her return.

Watros' debut, meanwhile, is bound to be an interesting one. On "Knight's Fall" the scenes between Wilson and his ex-wife will reportedly pale in comparison with the fireworks between her and House. A little tug-of-war maybe? On the episode, Wilson is forced to do House's laundry for a month after losing a bet, and he finds an empty bottle of Vicodin in House's pocket.

Finally for the season finale, we don't even want to hazard a guess about that marriage proposal, although we know two things: Lucas (Michael Weston) will most probably appear on the finale and Watros' character Sam Carr is a doctor, very much employable by PP - beyond this season.

PS. The description of the May 3 episode "The Choice" is also very curious: "House must make a decision between his own needs and his desire for a relationship with Cuddy."

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