'House' Recap: The Dangerous Games House Plays
'House' Recap: The Dangerous Games House Plays
Continuing on from the last episode, Gregory House seems to be becoming more and more unglued. The worse off his cancer-ridden bestie, Dr. Wilson, gets, it seems the more unthinking and reactionary the brilliant medical man becomes. I have to say that nothing or no one can tear me away from the TV these past few weeks during House. The show is just that good now and we've still got the two-hour finale next week!

Dangerous game #1: hiring a cafeteria full of patient actors

Sure, House has hired actors to try to change Wilson's mind before, like the kid actor who House had pretend to be Wilson's long lost son. This worked to show Wilson that while he may sometimes wish he had a family, he wasn't really ready for the long term demands of having children.

But, playing tricks on a man with a limited amount of time left to live is pretty cruel. Wilson refused to take any more chemo treatments, but House wanted to be sure Wilson would do it and fight his disease. House hires people to pretend to be certain long ago patients of Wilson's. These are the ones who had a profound impact on Wilson.

But, Wilson is too good at math and he realizes that one man who was supposed to be his kid cancer patient now grown up and off to become a doctor himself, can't really be that person because the age and time line doesn't work out right. Way to anger and toy with a very sick man, House.

Dangerous game #2: choking a patient

Really,  I can't believe I'm typing that House choked a patient, but he did. This week's main patient is a college boy who keeps hearing his brother's voice in his head. It's great to have a psychological twist to the patient's problem and it sure keeps Adams, Taub and Park on their toes. They had to come up with, then throw out, dozens of possible diagnoses this week.

House actually chokes this student patient who's laying in a hospital bed. He's screaming at him to fight. Really, House wants Wilson to fight and I guess it's a control issue, but House is going a little psycho to say the least.

Dangerous game #3: taking a prank too far

Again, House makes an incredibly stupid move that's tied to his feelings about Wilson being on limited time. Even when Wilson eventually agrees to try the chemo and put up a fight, House still acts nuts. Foreman hands House some season tickets for sports games that he says he wants to go to House with and House sees the games start in October. House exclaims that Wilson will be "expired" by then and he knows that Foreman is trying to replace him and that's not going to happen. House is angered by Foreman's gesture even though Foreman was reaching out with good intentions.

Rather than leave it there, House decides to place Foreman's tickets in the hospital's plumbing system and it causes major problems. Now, I wonder how a few tickets can do this though - especially with commercial facilities like a hospital would have. Did he flush some sports programs down there too? I don't know, but whatever House did, it caused the MRI scanning room ceiling to cave in!

Fall out

Adams and Park are administering a scan to the college patient when the ceiling collapses big time all over the patient and the equipment. This is huge trouble and House's probation is revoked. Investigators have found Dr. Gregory House's fingerprints on the materials that did the clogging, so Foreman has no choice in the matter, and he can't rescue House this time. Like choking a patient wasn't bad enough, Dr. House!

It's sad timing since Wilson and House had just worked things out. Wilson will try chemo and House will just be his friend and love Wilson for whatever time he has left. Wilson's time is estimated at five months, but then comes the whammy that House, for his totally preventable, stupid prank, has to serve six months in the slammer!

I'm angry at House for that and I can see why they had Thirteen return tonight as someone had to praise House like she did. Also, Thirteen gave Wilson some tips about dealing with cancer too.

A clear head

The positive thing is that once the team operates on the student, he is fine again. The surgery is gross to watch though as it looks like they pull a long, bloody worm out of the guy's ear -- blech. Afterward, the patient, with his head all wrapped in gauze, happily tells his mother that his brother is gone from his head. He can just remember his bro normally now and the mom shows him happy family photos.

Sheri Stirrs
Contributing Writer

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