'House' Recap: House Shares His Drug Stash with Wilson
'House' Recap: House Shares His Drug Stash with Wilson
The beauty of this week's House wasn't in the main case of a very sick little girl. Yeah, the girl was adorable and her case was interesting, but it was the mechanics of the true friendship between Wilson and House that worked flawlessly for this fan.

Second Opinion

Wilson goes to see a doctor about his cancer treatment strategy, but who is being kidded? We all know that it's House who is going to take over here and do the best possible thing to help Wilson fight his cancer. Really, the doctor visit seemed more of an excuse for Wilson to say this doctor lacked balls and House to agree. Wilson and House don't think that radiation should be the only treatment option with chemo following. They prefer a combination.

Not So Merry-Go-Round

A sweet little girl rides a merry-go-round while her father video tapes her. Then her eyes start to close and blood runs from her nose. Then, we know for sure that she's going to be the main patient on House tonight, even though Wilson is also a patient of sorts. It's a well-done scene and the crowds and moving parts of the carousel keep the dad from noticing the girl's dire condition at first. When he gets a glimpse again, only her horse is still there and wow, you can feel the parental panic! The dad, Simon, finds the girl, Emily, collapsed on the carousel floor.

Doing the Twist

We get a wonderful plot twist that also creates a convenient fill-in replacement for Dr. House who is on a staycation with his dying friend. Emily's mother is a doctor specializing in genetic problems which her daughter has! Elizabeth, Emily's doctor mother, even has a bit of a snotty attitude along with a superior brain although she tries to keep the 'tude in check as she works with the hospital team, unlike Dr. House.

The Usual Suspects

So, Dr. Mom, along with Taub, Park, Chase and Adams brainstorm while tossing around familiar possibilities such as lupus, stress, kidney failure and a handful more. There has to be something that will warrant a home inspection and that is Dr. Mom's suggestion that it's heavy metal poisoning due to the oh-so-terrible place her separated husband and Emily's father, Simon, had to pick to live in. Yes, the separated parents bicker constantly and hey, this is not helping your sick six-year-old get any better, idiots!

Some Vacation

Wilson is throwing up a lot, presumably from the chemo, and House and Wilson both end up trying out morphine. Oh House, will you ever learn to just say no to drugs? Hey, but, Wilson is in such terrible pain, that House has to dip into his own personal drug stash to help out his best buddy. Wilson is shaking, pale and gaunt - cudos to the show's makeup department! At one point, when the pain pills are nearly gone, House gives them all up to Wilson and drinks booze instead. Awww ... what a good, Vicodin addict friend!

Of Course You Can't Feel Your Arms

True to my House theory that every main patient must, just prior to his or her complete recovery, temporarily be unable to move his or her legs or arms, little Emily suddenly can't feel her arms. She's having a stroke and Adams, Chase and the others get right on that. They all work together to get Emily well and soon she is beaming between her happy parents talking about going to the aquarium. When Dr. Mom asks to go along with hubby and daughter we know they will all live happily ever after!

The Last Laugh

Wilson, all dressed in a suit, but still looking a little gaunt, goes back to work to the hospital with House. He tells House he'll see him at lunch as he heads to his office from the elevator. Once in his office, Wilson opens the laptop on his desk. House left him photos he had taken when Wilson had conked out during their get-well staycation. There are Hawaiin shirts, girls in bikinis and all kinds of fun stuff around an out-of-it Wilson. Wilson laughs long and hard at the funny photos and the show ends. This was great!

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Sheri Stirrs
Contributing Writer

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