'House' Recap: House and Wilson's Wild Ride
'House' Recap: House and Wilson's Wild Ride
The great buddy story keeps getting greater. Wilson wants to live what's left of his life to the fullest and of course, he wants his bestie along for the ride - especially in a hot red convertible. We get to see the friends do what Wilson wants, but also see Wilson battle his inner demons of being complacent as to what is going on versus just refusing to give in or up. Another amazing part of the episode tonight was that the main medical case, which was all done without House for a change, involved another doctor in the hospital as the patient!

Brain Salad Surgery?

Wow, what an opening tonight. A patient, who is pronounced dead in her hospital bed, is wrapped up in a sheet and taken to the morgue. The doctor there analyzes the case as he talks to himself and makes some observations out loud about where he is going to cut the dead woman's body to do the post mortem investigation. Only, he suddenly cuts the top of his own head open instead and I sure didn't see this one coming! As blood drips down his head, another hospital employee finds him and now the doctor becomes the patient.

Road Trip or Bust

Wilson pesters House into agreeing to go on a road trip with him with not even a phone along. If he refuses, Wilson has anesthetic to just knock him out and take him along anyway. House resists as long as possible, but we know that he's going to give in to his cancer-ridden best friend, of course. The medical team doesn't have time to find House though as they have their hands full trying to figure out why the post mortem doctor decided slicing his own head open was the thing to do.

To make matters worse, this doctor patient is a statistics nerd who keeps records of the surgical successes and career details of all of the doctors at Princeton Plainsboro. He wants House and House only on his case!

Banding Together

Without even being able to contact House by phone, the team is on its own and Foreman is there to play the leader of sorts. But, this isn't good enough for Chase when the nerdy doctor patient is snotty toward him by saying Chase doesn't really belong there. This hits a major nerve, since as we know, Chase's dad early on pulled some strings to get him on the team at Princeton Plainsboro. Now, Chase is driven to either solve the case and make even more of himself as a doctor. He wants to quit the team. Okay, you're getting too whiny anyway, Chase.

First Park and Chase don the space suit like, germ-free outfits to look for medical clues, then later Taub and Park do this. Taub says the post mortem doc's tools aren't toxic. Chase is pissed off when the doc chooses Taub to do surgery on him over Chase..

What a Trip

Wilson drives a red convertible with House in the passenger seat. His scan isn't until the end of the week and Wilson wants to live it up until then. He even has a new persona, "Kyle Calloway" who is fearless and does whatever he wants. House says he likes Kyle. At a greasy spoon roadhouse diner, "Kyle" orders the 80oz steak for $79 that is free if you can finish it! The whole restaurant chants "Kyle!" and Wilson eats the whole giant steak that looks like something out of a classic Flinstones cartoon. Afterwards, Wilson barfs on the floor right by the table - including on House's shoes! Strangely, this doesn't even stop Wilson from ordering dessert!

Abdominal Abdomen

The doctor patient is screaming "my abdomen" over and over while writhing in pain. We non-docs would of course be saying "my stomach." The team rules out liver problems and the doctor patient makes his own diagnosis which involves the intestines. When Taub operates with Chase assisting, they find out the nerdy doctor patient was right.

Finally, Chase, after lying to the patient, has to admit that House isn't on the case and they don't know where he is - but see, Chase then rises to the challenge! He proves his medical skills and impresses the doctor patient who is Dr. Know It All!

Meanwhile, Back on the Road ...

Wilson's next want is to have sex with two women at once. House can find hookers anywhere, so that shouldn't be a problem. Only, Wilson prefers the pretty barmaid who is wearing a tight plaid shirt. House sleeps in the red car outside the motel room waiting for Wilson. When Wilson comes out, he says his sexual threesome experience with two women was "a little sad," but otherwise what he needed. One of the girls stole Wilson's wallet and House only has $20 because if he uses his credit cards, he'll be in trouble parole-wise. That's okay, this is just like a male version of Thelma and Louise!

Putting Up a Fight

Wilson is driving along when up ahead is a slow-moving hearse leading a funeral procession of dark colored cars. Wilson stares at this for what seems like 10 minutes, but really is only a few seconds. It's just that we can see everything on his face - thinking that could be him and that he could die. As if to fight that from happening, Wilson suddenly floors the bright red sports car and they pass the funeral procession whooping and yelling. Wilson is having so much fun and so is House. Then, they smash the car into a fence that's bordering a farm meadow.

Watch This

With still only the $20 between them after their car is ruined, and miles to go to get home, Wilson pawns his watch to buy bus tickets. It's funny to see House, all grumpy, waiting on the bus bench with a chatty, older lady and other "bus people." Later, Wilson confides to House that the name Kyle Calloway was actually a real guy in school that his crush who looked like the actress, Julie Christie, chose Kyle over him.

The thing that haunted Wilson was that the girl asked Wilson if it was okay that she went out with Kyle instead of him and Wilson said it was although it sure wasn't. Now, Wilson is fighting against telling cancer that it's okay to take him. Great story arc!

Surprise Exit

With the doctor patient all recovered from his "twisted and white hot agony" intestinal pain and respecting Chase now, Foreman is more than impressed with Chase. He agrees it's time for Chase to step out of House's shadow and have his own team! Later, as House watches Wilson get his scan, Chase thanks House for everything. Wow, this is a shocker, but at the same time, it seems a good progression for Chase's character.

I'm loving this episode so much, but then all of a sudden it ends with House having an unreadable expression on his face as he looks over at Wilson still in the scanning machine. What House? What do you see? Argh! We'll have to wait until next week!

Did the ending of House this week frustrate you or did you like it?

Sheri Stirrs
Contributing Writer

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