'House' Recap: A House Divided Cannot Stand
'House' Recap: A House Divided Cannot Stand
House was amazing tonight! It was fast-paced and riveting with a little "who dunnit" vibe. All we see at the beginning is a bloodied hospital room complete with bloody hand print on the wall. Balloons and flowers in disarray make us wonder what happened here. The only thing I didn't like is that everything was done in flashback style instead of straightforward storytelling. We had to wait under the middle of the episode to find out what really happened. Still though, the action was so great that the wait was worth it!

A Blood-Stained Opening

After the opening and the horribly blood-spattered room, we see House grimly approach Dr. Walter Cofield, Foreman's former mentor, who speaks of "disiplinary action." Things don't look good for House and the dimly lit settings and pouring rain outside really set the somber tone.

House tells Dr. Cofield that "bad things sometimes happen, but it's nobody's fault." Of course, Cofield isn't thinking along those lines. He mentions that this incident (whatever it was!) could put House back in prison.

Could House End Up in the Big House?

As hilarious as House's character and his wisecracks were in prison, I hope House doesn't go back to jail. He needs to stay in his element brainstorming with his team to solve medical mysteries! The mystery of the bloody hospital room starts slowly unravelling as we find out that the patient, a teacher who collapsed while jogging, was involved in a chemical explosion in a classroom at his school.

We see in a flashback that it was two of his students that brought their hospital bound teacher the flowers and balloons. Of course on House, when a patient is happily awake and speaking with his or her visitors, you know a new medical reaction is going to happen!

Rash Decisions

The teacher breaks out in a rash, but that's not the worst of it! He has a "psychotic break" and goes beserk. The teacher slices open Chase's chest with a scalpel! It's great TV medical drama when Adams has to keep her fingers plugging the hole in Chase's heart to keep him alive!

A House Divided?

Cofield grills House's team, but they all stick up for him. Cofield wants to throw the book at House over Chase's accident anyway. Just in time though, House remembers that the teacher suffered through not one, but two explosions and that is enough for House to deduce that the teach has a tumor that exploded to cause all of his symptoms. Cofield then lets House off the hook although House calls Cofield a coward!

Although Chase told Cofield House was a "genius" there seems to be controversy between House and Chase now as the upcoming scenes from next week's episode showed. What do you think will happen? Will Chase and House become enemies?

Sheri Stirrs
Contributing Writer

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