House: Preview of Episode 6.15 "Private Lives"
House: Preview of Episode 6.15 "Private Lives"
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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On tonight's episode of House, its first in a month, the Princeton Plainsboro team encounters the case of a famous blogger who insists on discussing all procedures and doctors on her blog, making the treatment more difficult than it should be.

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And... House (Hugh Laurie) and Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) go on a speed-dating event. They also learn secrets about each other when they tug along with Chase (Jesse Spencer). We also learn that Wilson does Dance Dance Revolution.

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"Private Lives" might very well be a primer for when the show delves more into Wilson's love life, culminating on the return of his first ex-wife who will be his new girlfriend, played, of course, by Lost alum Cynthia Watross. We also learn from House creator David Shore that Watross can stay, depending on how her storyline progresses.

The last House installment we had was "5 to 9" the Cuddy-centric treat that offered a glimpse in the crazy hectic life of the PP administrator and Dean of Medicine (Lisa Edelstein), including her relationships with the two men in her lives right now - Lucas (Michael Weston) and House. In an interview, Edelstein differentiated how Cuddy felt about the two men.

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