House MD - Spoilers for May episodes
House MD  - Spoilers for May episodes
With May Sweeps upon us, House MD promises four new episodes this month, including the third season finale on May 29th.

Tonight’s episode, “Family,” involves two brothers, one with leukemia and the other an eight-year-old potential bone marrow donor with a mysterious illness. The official description from Fox reads” the team races against the clock to cure Matty Woodruff (guest star Dabier Snell), an 8-year-old planning to donate bone marrow to his dying older brother, Nick (guest star Jascha Washington), who is a leukemia patient at Princeton Plainsboro. As both brothers' conditions worsen and Nick has only days to live, the team must diagnose and treat Matty before it's too late for both boys.”

The episode also apparently features Dr House’s new nemesis, Wilson’s ex-dog Hector.

Want spoilers for the rest of the season? Read on!

What’s going to happen with Foreman after the loss of last week’s patient? Apparently he’s going to give in notice at Princeton Plainsboro, and will go on job interviews at other hospitals. This will happen over the next couple of episodes, May 8’s "Resignation" and May 15’s "The Jerk." Omar Epps had said that we’d be meeting Foreman’s brothers, not just his parents, so is that still coming up or did plans change? We’ll see.

Piper Perabo guest stars in "Resignation" as Honey, a nutritionist that House “takes a special interest in” after meeting at the clinic, and wants to meet again “under more casual circumstances.” In “The Jerk,” House “meets his match” in an obnoxious young patient in chronic pain, who offends all the team members.

We’ll have more on these and the season finale as they draw closer! But here’s a few more tidbits for you.

On House and Cuddy: Apparently House MD creator David Shore told E!Online’s Kristin Veitch that there’s some sort of plan to get these two together, though not this season. However, they’re “little baby steps toward that, and we'll get there.”

Lisa Edelstein, who plays Cuddy, says that in her opinion “Cuddy really loves House, and I don't think she loves him in a way that limits how she has to love him, as a friend or as a lover or as a person who works for her. There's a great deal of appreciation there and respect. He's horrible to deal with, but he's worth it. He's worth every second.”

Here are a few completely unconfirmed spoilers from fans which could be about any (or none) of the remaining episodes. Take ‘em with a grain of salt:

- House wears a cowboy hat
- House gets a new cane, after Hector, the dog Wilson’s ex foisted upon him last week, chews his old cane. Apparently he makes Wilson buy him a new cane with “flames down the side” which House says makes him “look like he’s going fast.”
- House goes easy on Foreman after the trauma of losing last week’s patient, although he tells Cuddy he’s going to fire Foreman in a few days. (Note that the official descriptions say Foreman’s quitting anyway. But everybody lies.)

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