'House' Recap: King Midas, Guilt-Tripping Cabbies and Bangkok
'House' Recap: King Midas, Guilt-Tripping Cabbies and Bangkok
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Karma is the theme of this week's episode of House - and it's something very compelling all throughout.

Patient of the week
We meet Very Serious Dad who goes to Princeton Plainsboro to get House to handle the case of his dying son. From the looks of things, the guy is the type of person who is used to getting whatever it is that he likes, so even while Cuddy explained to him that House is "not available" he would not hear any of it.

As a result, Foreman will handle the team, but House will make all the decisions. House likes it, Foreman hates it. House decided to redo everything, all the tests and diagnoses, and right away, Cameron noticed a mass somewhere in his tummy. They thought they saw some progress, but after a while the boy had seizures because of excessive pressure in his skull or something. They headed straight to the OR - sans House - and out of nowhere drilled a little hole in his head, which somehow relieved the pressure. However, they had no idea what just happened, which is not good.

We learn that Very Serious Dad is a sort of modern day King Midas who blames his billion-dollar empire and business luck for the harsh things that are happening to his family. The boy started seizing again, and now they ruled out inter-cranial pressure and cancer and infection. Then there were spots, and Very Serious Dad got to meet his idol House for the first time.

Then after some talk, a breakthrough courtesy of House - but alas, it's incurable. As a course of action, Very Serious Dad tried to trick karma by intentionally sending his empire to ruin. Yet the second he signed the papers, his kid flat-lined, so it was all for naught.

A few scenes later, though, House had his epiphany and ruled out his earlier diagnosis and proposed a new treatment. The boy is OK. Wait, so the whole karma thing worked?

The tyrant is not altogether dead just yet
Meanwhile, Cuddy reminded everyone that we can't readily put the case of the tyrant behind us - yikes. As a result, Foreman and Chase discussed the case, and Foreman just wanted to be sure that everything would be covered. With the surfacing of some lab results though, it appeared that Chase didn't have everything covered, they're about 20 percent off the cholesterol level between the true blood and the fake blood, which, judging from the two's reactions, wasn't a good thing at all.

Foreman, for his part, wasn't too keen on telling more lies to the board. With more results showing up, it was indeed going to be hard to cover this one, and Chase's perpetually pinched look wasn't helping either. When Chace went to Cuddy to tell her that Foreman couldn't present, she shrugged it off, and admonished them to just come clean. "It can't be that bad." Oh yes it is.

But in keeping with the episode's theme, karma is not as predictable as we previously thought, and Chase looked like he found a loophole and a potential escape route.

House and 13
13 informed House that she's going to Thailand. I wonder what that's about. She told her cab driver that she didn't have a return date yet, but there were problems with his flight, so maybe it's not pushing through? She went to House to reiterate that she's not going back to the team.

When House confronts Foreman about 13, Foreman insisted that he's done everything. Soon, Cuddy told House that someone hacked into 13's email account to cancel his flight. I'm guessing it's House, and it was indeed him. After Cuddy's IP trace, 13 thought it was Wilson who did it. Wait what? Nevertheless, Wilson told her that she inadvertently does something to House something that the other members of his team are incapable of doing, so that alone should make her stay. "She's good for you," Wilson told House, summing up the two's weird relationship.

In the end, though, 13 still made that flight (Malaysia Airlines?). So all the hacking were all for naught?

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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