House: First Look at Wilson's Ex-Wife/New Girlfriend
House: First Look at Wilson's Ex-Wife/New Girlfriend
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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House fans appear to be on the fence regarding the whole Wilson's (Robert Sean Leonard) ex-wife returning and being his new girlfriend issue. Most would like to see how things are first before passing judgment on the idea. It has, after all, been long after the whole Amber episode, so it's only mildly justifiable for Wilson to want to be in another relationship.

Entertainment Weekly has released the first photo of Wilson sharing the screen with Sam Carr (Cynthia Watros) on House, and - they have matching outfits on, kind of. A flashback, maybe?

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Actually, make that Dr. Sam Carr, since the Lost alum, who'll be back on the island around the same time her character kicks off her House multi-episode arc in April, will play a radiology expert.

"There can be great comfort in the past," says Leonard. "He wants his blankie. And there's the extra benefit of familiarity and, in a way, a lack of drama."

But we all know that won't be the case, as House creator David Shore reveals there will be drama, courtesy of House (Hugh Laurie) being protective of his best friend.

He explains, "This is him (House) being protective of Wilson against somebody who arguably knows Wilson as well as House does. You have these two people who apparently care about Wilson, although they've both made some dramatic mistakes in that regard, kind of fighting over him."

Depending perhaps on the reception to Watros' likeability and the overall soundness of plot, Shore adds that her stay on the show can be extended. That her character is a doctor and therefore employable by Princeton Plainsboro, that just makes things perfect just in case.

"When good people come on and they work out, we try and make it work longer," he says. "It's ultimately about the storylines."

Source: Entertainment Weekly
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