'House' Fan Contributor: Dr. House Gets a Black Eye
'House' Fan Contributor: Dr. House Gets a Black Eye
WHAM! Chase hits House in the eye! 

If you didn't see "Ignorance Is Bliss" you missed seeing Hugh Laurie hit the floor after Jesse Spencer punched him. We know Hugh likes to give his performance realism. He prefers to take falls himself, but an authentic black eye? Wow, he is dedicated. Jesse must have a mean right hook.

Actually, according to Dailymail, Hugh came in with a black eye during the filming of the episode. He blamed the shiner on a low flying owl. I like this explanation and am willing to place the might of this column behind it...way behind it.

The writers came up with a great way to include the contusion in the show. They had Dr. Robert Chase floor Dr. Gregory House. Chase wanted his fellow doctors to leave him alone. Dropping the boss seemed a good way to shield himself from more good intensions. Perhaps House should think twice before demanding Chase 'give him something'?

Chase has made some changes over the past six years. He began as the first member of House's team hired long before Dr. Eric Foreman and Dr. Allison Cameron. He was eager to please to the point of having a smut on his nose. On case diagnosis, Chase sided most often with House. Chase worked beside House during the riskier procedures.

If all House wanted was a lap dog, Chase would've been it. But situations and people change. When Edward Vogler (Chi McBride) became the Chairman of the Board at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, Chase worried for his job. He turned his allegiance to the bigger dog in the yard and ratted House out for lying to the transplant committee.

House kept Chase as a member of his team and his loyalty and respect grew. Chase's father walked out on both he and his mom. Dad didn't resurface until he visited Dr. James Wilson for inoperable lung cancer.  House a father figure? Nah.

Chase showed his affection for House in "Half Wit" when thinking House was dying he gave him a hug. Most fans never sailed on this 'ship' and I wondered why? Was it the names, Chouse or Hase?

Three things happen in Chase's life that are nearly unthinkable. He grows a backbone, he argues with House and he gets fired. House claims he has learned all he can from him. I think that was true. Chase's evolution included a relationship with fairy princess turned real woman, Cameron. She quits to join him.

Chase returns as a surgeon floating in and out of House's sphere of influence but he is his own man. His relationship with Cameron blooms and the two are married. They live happy lives until Chase croaks the evil President Dibala (James Earl Jones) for the good of the many. His Catholic seminary beliefs give way to his moral outrage.

Cameron leaves Chase and he returns to House.

Which brings us back to the punch seen round the world giving Chase House's respect.

To see Hugh Laurie's shiner, click here

-Jacky Jackman, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
Source: Daily Mail, TMZ
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