'House' Fan Columnist: Where Do We Go From Here?
'House' Fan Columnist: Where Do We Go From Here?
With four episodes left in season six of House, (no, I can't believe it either), what have we learned since the season opener "Broken"?

Truth be told, it's been a slow climb for House this year.  As far as his development goes, he has come a long way, but it has been small steps towards each new revelation.  And not all of them have been happy realizations.  

In "Wilson," House told his friend if he died, he'd be alone.  This season has definitely set the tone for House to either accept that the people in his life will always be there for him in one shape or form or for him to go the other way and start believing they aren't going to show up for him when he needs them.

Take Cuddy.  She's moved on with Lucas (supposedly).  House has seemingly accepted this, but is he really ready to lose Wilson to Sam?  Does he recognize that both of his friends can be in relationships, but still be committed to him?  It wouldn't appear so.

While House now recognizes that people can change, is he convinced that his newfound realization that he might be happy with someone who he loves enough to keep him from taking stronger pain meds for his increasing leg pain?  In "Lockdown," he told his dying patient that Lydia had changed him.  He opened up to her and became vulnerable to another person.  But who's left for him?  He's better friends with Chase than we thought possible.  Wilson is still his best friend, but now someone else has entered the picture, Cuddy and him have a bond that can't be broken, but how long is it going to be acceptable for Cuddy to confide in House when Lucas and her progress in their relationship? 

I wonder how much House is starting to realize that maybe, when it comes to his two best friends, he might not be the center of their respective universes.  This is his largest fear.  His mind already isolates him from most everyone he meets, but the two smartest, quickest, highly tolerating people he knows are occupied. 

Enter leg pain and we've got a problem.  It would be nice if season six could end positively with House popping some more Ibuprofen to get through the day.  It would be nice.  But it wouldn't be House.  Granted, he's not going through what he was going through in season five (death of Amber, his father, Kutner), but he is in pain.  And he's starting to crack.  Like when he yelled at the team in "Knight Fall." House hates to show anyone he's in pain, so when his team takes notice, it's time for us as the viewers to start worrying.

Now, in examining last season's  House, we weren't driven to the final story lines until episode 20 or so ("Knight Fall" was episode 17).  Last year, in "Simple Explanation," Kutner committed suicide.  This is what drove the rest of the season forward.  I think we're still waiting for that moment during this season because while there are some unanswered questions--Sam and Wilson, Cuddy/House/Lucas, Thirteen's Huntington's that seems to have taken a recess this season--we haven't seen the one thing that will really make us want to get to the next episode (besides all the usual goodies). 

I'm hoping next week's episode will get us closer to what this season is really driving at.  However, I know how House goes.  I'll never be completely satisfied with an ending, even if it is true to character, because I want House to have an ending he deserves.  I guess I'll have to take a chance on the series finale granting me that wish. 

What are your predictions for the rest of the season? Let me know what you think.   

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-Lisa B. Palmer, BuddyTV Fan Columnist