'House' Fan Columnist: Recap- It's All About Teamwork
'House' Fan Columnist: Recap- It's All About Teamwork
Lisa, our House Fan Columnist, recaps last night's episode, "Teamwork". If you're interested in writing and love TV, think about becoming a Fan Columnist.

All work and no play makes for a dull boy.  But what happens when you mix the two?  Over the last six seasons of House, we've seen this very social experiment play out.  In "Teamwork" we find out what happens when Cameron and Chase's moral issues come to a head at the office and House works in his typical roundabout way to get the band back together in everything but a professional environment.

This week's POTW is a nice, mensch-y Jewish porn star.  So why pick a porn star for the POTW? How about an analogy?  House is to Chase as Chase is to Foreman as Foreman is to the porn star.   Our patient claims to keep his work at work and his home life at home. Not one character at PPTH is sure if this is possible.

For Chase and Cameron, we find out the hard way the answer is no.  It starts out well enough with Cam saying all the right things to Chase.   Chase accepts this, wanting so much to believe that the woman he loves will stand by him.  As usual, House knows better and is willing to push every single button he can, regardless of the parties involved.

Chase wanders through the episode gaining insight from House who tells him Cameron would never stay with him and from the patient who spurns Chase on to think about his idea of a conscience: that thing that kicks in when there's no logical reason to behave the way everyone wants you to.  Pretty provocative thinking for a guy who uses his other dominant organ the majority of the time.  Chase wonders if he is leaving because of his marriage, Cameron, and if both of these things are worth the job that he loves and the life that he is made for himself under House's watch. 

For Cameron, it's different.  She sees the patient as another moral battle.  Although she says she doesn't judge what our porn star does, she contradicts herself by saying that she doesn't think he should pretend there's beauty or nobility in it.  In reality, in order for her claim about being nonjudgmental to be true, she would have to actually entitle the husband and wife porn team to an opinion about what they do, and this is where her and Chase encounter problems.

Meanwhile, House is doing his best to get his team back together and not finding it as easy as he thought.  Doors slammed in his face from both Taub and Thirteen just push House to try harder.  Thirteen hits the nail on the head during her work out and asks House point blank why he refuses to ask them back on the team.  Just last week he was more honest with Cuddy than he had ever been, and all it resulted in was complete rejection and hurt.  His only recourse is to ask for them back without asking.

And finally, we get a sound bite from Cuddy regarding Lucas.  She's doing something for herself while trying not to factor House into the equation.  Strong and upfront to Wilson, scared and worried to Lucas we get the Cuddy confessional.  I wasn't expecting this scene with Cuddy and Lucas and I actually enjoyed it.  It made me realize how little time we spend watching Cuddy interact with anyone besides the hospital staff and I could appreciate her posture change, her mannerisms a bit more relaxed, and even her guard down a little.  She's trying, like House, to emotionally grow up and while Lucas can be annoying, I think he does want what's best for her and she recognizes this.

Cameron and Chase dominate this episode, but their relationship cannot be made mutually exclusive from their personal and professional relationship with House.  Cameron wants Chase to either feel tremendous guilt for what she sees as a mistake or she wants to blame House for turning Chase into someone she sees as no longer having the innocence she fell in love with.  Chase to her is now tainted and damaged and "grown-up" Cameron no longer is in love with the idea of a damaged soul as she so admitted finally having been in love with House early on.

She doesn't want a fixer-upper anymore.  She wants someone she deems capable of knowing killing someone is wrong.  But hold on, wait just a second.  Is this the same Cameron who let a man die under her watch in the Season 3 episode "Informed Consent?"  Who realized the right thing to do could be incredibly difficult and is not always the black and white right answer?  Where was her moral compass then?    While I realize these are two different circumstances, they wade in the same grey area and it's difficult to watch Cameron being so self-righteous during her exit scene.

In the end, Chase listens to the unlikely Lucas' advice.  Face the problem.  Unfortunately for his marriage, his problem is his wife. For Cameron, the choice isn't easy, but as House put it to Stacy when he told her to leave Mark, it is simple.  She leaves knowing that her morals and her choices are right and leaving House is the only healthy alternative. 

Heartbreaking scene of the week goes to House limping after Cameron.  Too little too late for her and she leaves with a peck on the cheek and without looking back.  House seemed surprisingly quiet in this episode.  I'm concerned his surface apathy will evolve into something more destructive. 

As for House and his team, they finally come back to him giving him just what he wanted.  I hope it's what he needs as well. 

Next week's preview intrigued me.  I'm excited for the Chase punch out, a jealous House, and what a team with Foreman, Chase, Taub, and Thirteen will look like.

Regarding Cam's departure, I'm hoping it's not permanent, although it would appear that we might find out something before Jennifer Morrison actually does. I read she was a bit confused by the departure. 

Bring on the Turkey Day episode.  I'm ready for more.     

-Lisa B. Palmer, BuddyTV Fan Columnist

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