'House' Fan Columnist: Masters' Plan
'House' Fan Columnist: Masters' Plan
Lisa Palmer
Lisa Palmer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The best thing about television is that 20 people can watch the same episode and have 20 different opinions about what they saw.  I have a feeling that this episode will most likely divide fans, but I'm going to choose to dive in to what my first instincts were telling me regarding the episode.  I can sum them up in one word--one syllable, in fact: eh.  Don't get me wrong.  I liked the character of Martha M. Masters.  And she deserved a nice send-off since Thirteen is back and all is apparently rightfully and disturbingly back in place in House-land.  But seriously?  Enough was enough tonight.  And truth be told, I think the powers that be over at House were way more in love and invested in this character than I'll ever be. 


Who needs House when you have Martha? Oh yeah, I do!  I understand that this week was a not-so-subtle shift of the spotlight from House to Martha, but man, even the patient is all about mirroring Martha?  I suppose the parallels were nice. Both prodigies, both carving out their own paths at a very early age, and pushing themselves harder than they should.  The question the patient brought up early on for Martha was if Martha should accept that doing what she loves includes dealing with things she doesn't.  By the end of the episode, she answered that question in spades.  She ended up sacrificing her moral code, lying to the patient, the family, everyone, and Masters accepted that this was unacceptable.  The POTW did well to service the storyline, but I wasn't enthralled. 

House and Cuddy

This subheading might be curious to some considering these two didn't have a single scene together in tonight's episode, but I'm too infuriated not to comment.  These two broke up in episode 15 of this season. Tonight's episode was 19 and these two haven't had more than two minutes together since their break-up.  I know they're avoiding one another, but hello!  There is a post break-up conversation that has yet to happen and I'm becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of respect the end of their relationship received.  Was this the "back to normal" Cuddy and House have been craving?  If an episode like this is what I can expect from the future for these two, I will not be a happy viewer.  Thus endeth my Huddy rant.

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Cue the Rolling Stones.  Camera zooms in on House.  Roll credits.  Wait a second.  Something isn't right.  Oh, I know!  This is a song that belongs to our favorite blue-eyed doctor, not his medical student with a thirteen episode story-arc coming to a close.  This has been a House mantra since the pilot used the song in the pilot and later has been used in other episodes like "Meaning" from season three and spoken in episodes like "Wilson's Heart" from season four.  It's practically blasphemous to use this song for another character! 

Perhaps the point of playing this song over Martha's last scenes on the show was to remind viewers about starting out in the real world.  In the series' pilot, this song was used as an establishing shot to symbolize House's plight in life.  His vicodin wasn't what he wanted, but was what he needed.  He was unhappy, in pain, and jaded, but his work allowed him to get by.  With Masters, the song showed us that for a character that plans everything, down to what she studies in the shower, she has to accept the fact that her future at this point is undetermined.  She knows what she can't do (be House's intern), but does she know what she wants to do?  Regardless, I couldn't help but feel territorial, like the people over at House were treading on some sacred ground.  Yes, it's just a song, but it's House's!  Let's not muddy the water by using it for Masters too, even if it was purposeful.  We get it, we get it.  She's like House. 

Martha, Cameron, and Chase  

One of the few things I did thoroughly enjoy about this episode was the conversation between Chase and Masters.  It's very like the show to have something traumatic happen and rarely discuss it again (i.e. Kutner dying, Cameron leaving).  It's nice that Cameron, although not in name, was brought up as a reason for Masters to forget about working for House and go back to surgery.  Chase is beyond qualified to give Masters advice on this and the scene between the two of them worked well to show that Chase is still feeling the repercussions of the decision he made to stick by House.  I can't believe a whole season has almost gone by and we had perhaps one Chase story line and it was all about him being a womanizer.

Martha can easily be compared to Cameron, especially in an episode like this.  Because Cameron was on the show so long, we benefited from seeing her character change from someone similar to Martha to someone more House-like that has an annoyingly strict moral code. Anyone remember how rude she was to the porn stars last season?  What these two characters share is their ability to cross lines when they believe what they are doing is right in the long run.  Martha did exactly what House would do in the situation with her patient.  The difference is, she can't keep doing it.  The difference between Martha and Cameron is that Martha was able to accept that she made all those decisions at her own volition.  Cameron was never able to stop placing the blame on the all mighty influence of House.  She continued to struggle with what she used to believe was ethically and morally right and her own actions throughout the series.

I liked Cameron.  And I miss her presence.  And in her last episode, we didn't get the cameras following her around the whole time.  We just got a rather depressing good-bye scene between her and House and a montage good-bye with her and Chase.  Maybe it's just me, and this is not speaking poorly of Tamblyn, Masters, etc., but why, this close to the end of the season, did we have to get a whole episode on her?  Anyone remember that episode of Lost right before the series finale that was all about the history of Jacob and the Man in Black?  It left the Oceanic crew out of the whole episode and I've never been more infuriated.  Writers, please think!  I want to see my favorites before this season ends, especially with the future of the series so up in the air.


-I'm liking that the teasers (first few minutes) haven't been of the sick patients for the last two weeks.  It's a nice change of pace.
-Wilson and House's game of chicken was slightly amusing, but not enough that I would forget that I wanted more of them throughout the episode.
-I guess I'm the one who can't get what I want out of this episode.  And I'm not getting what I need either.  Hopefully, two weeks from now, I'll be singing a different tune.
-So, did we take a break from the vicodin addicted version of House?  Now is he back to normal being a prankster with Wilson?  Did I miss something?
-Usually, it's at this point in the season something really interesting starts to happen.  I'm beyond ready for that this year. 
-With a title like "The Last Temptation," I initially thought this episode was going to be a juicy one for House.  I thought wrong.

Next episode airs two weeks from now.  Looks to be forcing interactions between House and Cuddy.  What'd you think of this week's episode?  Were you as disappointed as I was?  Comment below.  And follow @BuddyTV and @TVTherapy for more information on your favorite shows!

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