'House' Fan Columnist: Known Unknowns Recap
'House' Fan Columnist: Known Unknowns Recap
Lisa, our House Fan Columnist, gives her thoughts on last night's episode. If you're interested in writing and love TV, think about becoming a Fan Columnist

Anytime House is taken out of the hospital, I know I can count on an episode I'll enjoy.  With the doctors out of their element, all that's left is their relationships (my favorite part), especially when it comes to the trifecta: House, Wilson, and Cuddy.

An episode aptly titled "Known Unknowns"  explores Chase's secret from Cam, House's feelings for Cuddy, and House and Wilson's ever-evolving friendship.  This is framed by a young patient, Jordan, who lies easily on purpose and just as easily because of a brain injury, not knowing the difference between the truth and lies.  The actress, Annabelle Attanasio, balances well the innocence of her character in the midst of lying.  This episode worked diligently to seek the truth (the unknown) from every angle.

With House and Cuddy, we finally get back story.  In 80's garb and Cindy Lauper music! Sigh.  So, is it better to know how their one night stand originated?  Yes, absolutely.  The entirety of their relationship is based on the false assumption that they had a one night stand and House didn't call.  This stuns Cuddy into leaving House on the dance floor alone.  Time after time, they've gotten the timing wrong. 

The truth of the matter is that he did want to call back in college, but an expulsion pushed him away from the school, away from their incredible chemistry, and most likely toward Stacy some years later.  This is one of the "Known Unknowns." Had House not gotten expelled from medical school there's no telling what their one night together could have amounted to.

Meanwhile, our POTW is still lying, but her lies are getting more twisted.  In one scenario, she is drugged and most likely raped by her favorite director.  In another, she steals away with a rock god and skinny dips in a pool.  Her stories are like the childhood "Choose Your Own Adventure" books, each pathway leading to a different conclusion.  The doctors are puzzled, thinking she has Rhabdo, but of course, like any episode of House, it's never the first diagnosis.

Cameron is dying to know Chase's truth. Even accusing Chase of having an affair.  At this point, who could blame her?  It's not that simple and what happens outside of the hospital inevitably bleeds into the patient's diagnoses.  Assuming Chase's guilt, she assumes anyone related to her patient is guilty as well.  Project much, Cam?  We even got treated to another first name toss-out from Chase.  We know things are serious when Cam is called "Allison." 

It wouldn't be House without Wilson assuming he knows everything about House's motives. But, in this episode, he finally admits House is a good friend.  We already know this, but for Wilson, this is revealed more clearly during House's speech in which he tells Wilson directly that he has never turned away from a responsibility.  All this comes on the heels of House drugging Wilson, giving his career-sabotaging-euthanasia speech to a crowd full of people (under an alias of course), and making Wilson admit the fact that he helped his patient to die over the weekend. 

House single-handedly saved Wilson's career while accomplishing exactly what Wilson wanted.  Or so he thought.  Wilson didn't want to sabotage his career.  He wanted validation.  Usually it's Wilson who attracts the needy, but in "Known Unknowns," we see him needing to know that what he did wasn't murder and was in the best interest of the patient.  House and Wilson validate each other in "Known Unknowns." They are now aware of what they already knew: they are there for one another. 

Now for my least favorite P.I., Lucas.  I used to think he was someone who could propel House to move forward in his relationships.  Now he's a roadblock, which I could accept for the arc if he weren't such a jerk about it.  I kept watching Cuddy's face in that coffee house scene.  I read embarrassment.  Anyone else? 

And what about Cuddy?  I was hoping Lucas could be Cuddy's Lydia, but I get the distinct feeling after tonight that Lucas is far less mature.  I was surprised, and angry, to hear that Cuddy had shared so much of House with Lucas.  She keeps her private life private?  How about keeping House's life private?  Lucas is an embarrassment thus far.  With House being so forthright in his feelings, I'm guessing it's only a matter of time before Cuddy decides to stop playing in the sandbox and actually allow House to see her adult emotions.

As for our dear patient, we find that she never could stalk her favorite director entirely, and she didn't knock on his hotel door to return his journal.  Jordan will probably always wonder what could have been if she had chosen a different path.  If she hadn't chosen oysters, however, she would have never made it to PPTH, that's for sure.

By the end, Cam says the right words to Chase and he can't even look at her as he confesses his known unknown.  The fallout from this confession will be extremely damaging, leading to Jennifer Morrison's highly publicized exit from the show. 

After last night's episode, it's safe to say that the "Known Unknowns," are now known.  Next week we'll most likely witness the fallout from so many truths revealed.  I know I'll be watching. 

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-Lisa B. Palmer, BuddyTV Fan Columnist

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