'House' Fan Columnist: House and Cuddy- Time after Time
'House' Fan Columnist: House and Cuddy- Time after Time
Lisa, our House Fan Columnist, gives her thoughts on Huddy after the last episode. If you're interested in writing and love TV, think about becoming a Fan Columnist.

In order to be a fan of the relationship between House and Cuddy, you need to be prepared to have your heart broken. Time after time. And then time after time again. This also falls under being a House fan in general. While the show can be uplifting, I find most of the time it's about timing that's off, missed opportunities, or things unsaid.

With that being said, it does well to create the tension it needs to sustain fan's interest in these two lonely characters. We've been taken on quite ride for the past five seasons regarding these two.  Last year, I was heartbroken at the end of "The Itch," "Let Them Eat Cake," "Unfaithful," "The Softer Side," and of course, "Both Sides Now." 

Of course, Huddy fans aren't afraid of a little angst. If we were, we couldn't possibly watch this show. It is clear to me that these two characters have an immense amount of respect for one another and love between them. This week, House finally came clean and confessed to wanting a relationship with her from the beginning! I find it interesting that he confessed to this while in costume and that they were both more open and honest when they weren't dressed as themselves. Disguise fosters honesty, and I enjoyed that they openly enjoyed one another for a change.

However, the timeliness of their relationships wants and needs never seems to match up.  Last year after the kiss in "Joy," we were allowed into House's psyche when he hopped on his bike and sped over to Cuddy's house, only to turn around and head back home without her knowing.  The music playing over the scene was "I'm in Love with a Girl." I don't think we have gotten a clearer message of House's feelings for his longtime friend and boss.

Then in "Let them Eat Cake,"  we get Cuddy practically throwing herself at House.  She wears seductive outfits, flirts outrageously, and admits to Wilson she has thought about where a relationship with House would go.  And how could we forget House's famous boob-grab-deflection?  He even makes up for it by bringing her medical school desk all the way back to her only for her to see House with a woman at the end of the episode.  Faulty assumptions, unhealthy deflections, and then the ultimate obstacle. 

Just in the middle of all the sexual tension, we get Rachel, the ultimate House/Cuddy road block.  She's another kind of block too, but it would be inappropriate of me to elaborate.  Regardless, we are left with these two characters consistently aware of their deep feelings for one another, but neither of them at the same time willing to share these feelings.

This time around, it's Cuddy who's stalling with her doesn't-know-when-he-needs-to-shut-up babysitter/boyfriend.  The question is, where do they go from here?

I vote House continues to pursue in the way he is now.  He has to prove himself.  Even though he clearly is the more intelligent, better man to us, if Cuddy wants reliability, I understand why House would need to prove himself.  He hasn't been in a serious relationship in years, and she needs to see him consistently responsible.

Is Lucas really supposed to be Cuddy's epitome of responsibility?  I'm going to need some proof of why Cuddy believes Lucas is world's better than House in the reliability aspect. 

I predict Cuddy will cave.  We will have a moment in this season (I hope) that shows two adults accepting the fact that they value one another in a deeper way than friendship and that they could work if the timing could just be right.  Of course, this show wouldn't last very long if these two characters actually worked in a relationship for longer than a minute.

For now, I'll just continue to hope they arrive at the same place at the same time.  Until that time, their lack of timeliness and scenes typically ripe with sexual tension will just have to suffice.  

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-Lisa B. Palmer, BuddyTV Fan Columnist

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