'House' Fan Columnist: 'Black Hole' Pulls Us Into Various Situations
'House' Fan Columnist: 'Black Hole' Pulls Us Into Various Situations
I wasn't quite sure what to make of this episode after I finished watching it.  This uncertainty makes me go directly back to the title of this week's House, "Black Hole," and that's when I realized this episode is about being pulled into various situations, whether healthy or unhealthy, and not being able to find the perspective to dig yourself out, i.e. a black hole.

Take our POTW, for example.  She seemed to be hinting towards the idea of breaking up with her boyfriend when they both went to college.  They'd be going to college and it made sense to her.  Her boyfriend, totally enamored with her, didn't seem to want to hear it, and the discussion came to a close when our patient started oozing gross pink stuff out of her mouth.

The closest parallel to these two are Taub and Rachel, not Cuddy's baby, who are arguing because she thinks they don't spend enough time together, but really, she just doesn't trust him because of his past affair(s?).  Throughout the episode, Taub is given different advice from all of his colleagues, but of course, House is the most accurate.  Gotta love Chase for assuring Taub he wasn't the right person to be asking for advice on marriage.

And what about House?  I hated that House didn't seem to have much of a storyline throughout this episode.  I wanted more House and what I got was more Taub.  Don't get me wrong.  I love Taub.  But if we're going to get a nice dose of Taub, can't we learn a little more about House throughout the process?  Granted, in every episode of House, I do learn something about our main character, but he wasn't focused on during this episode, which did bother me.  Hilson fans have got to be in love with season six by now.  It's one episode after the other at this point.

In "Black Hole", House thinks Wilson needs to furnish their condo.  If he doesn't, he is a weak, needy person and wants to have people make decisions for him.  This was reminiscent of Amber telling Wilson to pick out the mattress he wanted.  In that episode, "Living the Dream," Amber wanted Wilson to make a choice for himself.  She didn't want him to do it for her.  House is pushing Wilson in a similar way.  He seems to be encouraging Wilson to take some ownership, and feel empowered in his life, but it's under House's agenda that Wilson is forced to do this.  Cuddy calls attention to this fact in Lisa Edelstein's three second cameo in tonight's episode. 

I know we just got a full hour of her last month, but does her screen time now have to be reduced to thirty seconds an episode?  It's rather frustrating after watching her and House interact so well during "5 to 9." But, I digress.

Throughout the episode, Taub claims he wants to make his wife happy, but it's "buzz kill Foreman" that really seems to have the most accurate portrayal of Taub.  He wants his wife happy if it makes him happy, and it fits into his life on his terms.  So where does that leave Taub?  Apparently it leaves him sexting his wife (or was that all House?), attempting a car quicky, and finally mirroring his patient's boyfriend, and re-proposing to his wife.  Thank you writers, for the laugh out loud scene with House holding the tiny-Taub back from touching his phone and the line about Inspiration Point.

The subconscious is a powerful thing.  The fact that House was interested in exploring it to help his patient makes me wonder if it has been any part of his therapy with Nolan.  Maybe it was simply that it was the last option worth exploring, but inevitably, House figured out that it was, like so many other times, the father's fault.  Only this time, it was the patient's boyfriend's dad.  Tsk, tsk mid-life crisis man.  At least he admitted to sleeping with her so that her life could be saved.

In the end, Wilson hired Cuddy's decorator, but picked out a little something of his own: an organ for House.  So what can I make of this?  Well, House deduced that Wilson made a great choice and he seemed genuinely excited by it.  It's interesting that the only thing Wilson was sure of was what House would want.  House is appreciative, but what about what Wilson wants?  Will Wilson ever stop being sucked into caring for others and do something completely for himself?  Or is he making himself happy by making others happy, like House? 

As far as the patient goes, the boyfriend ended up forgiving her for sleeping with his dad and she accepted his proposal.  Seems like they're both sucked into the relationship for different reasons.  For him, it's love.  For her, it's guilt.  And this is perfect in relation to Taub and his wife. 

In the last scene, House congratulated Taub on wanting to be a better man and managing to get out of his own black hole, the temptation of being dragged down by cheating.  After this, we see House watching Taub talk with a blonde nurse, touching her on the arm.  I wonder if Taub is actually having an affair, and if he is, if House is let down by Taub's betrayal to him, making it seem like he was in it for the love or if House is disappointed because Taub couldn't managed to climb his way of out of the holes he has buried himself in. 

Does Taub really love his wife?  Or does he just love her out of guilt?  Maybe, it's both. 

Does everyone have their own black hole?  And how much do these vices and flaws really matter?  The camera work throughout this episode really dove into the idea of perspective and how things can seem so small within a larger world.  I loved the ceiling shot.  A few small holes in a ceiling of most likely thousands. 

Another month to go until the next House.  Next year, the network better order 24 episodes.  I can't take these lengthy hiatuses.       

-Lisa B. Palmer, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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